Here are some fantastic photos just sent in from a customer who has managed to coordinate his garden around his latest Dunster House purchases! It goes to show that once you catch the Dunster House bug, you just can’t stop getting enough of our excellently constructed garden products!
Send us your photos and reviews of your Dunster House products today and we will post them up on our Customer Gallery and Website Blog!
About usWe’re a thoroughly nice family business established back in 1994 by Christopher Murphy and his wife, and is now progressively passing into the care of his two sons Alex and Andy, who are the second generation to run Dunster House. Now, almost twenty years after we started, as a windows and doors supplier, the company is still growing strong.
These days we’ve expanded significantly and today specialise in the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of a wide range of garden products - from log cabins to climbing frames, sheds to summerhouses. Our business philosophy is simple - the more we can control each and every aspect of the process, the more we can ensure consistently high standards and great value prices. Please note that our social media person is not trained in the technical aspect of our products.

Painted in the customers own choice of treatment and finished with our optional roof shingles, this Summerhouse blends beautifully in its lovely garden setting yet stands out at the same time creating an eye-catching feature.
It is always guaranteed to rain in England so you need a strong, sturdy shed which is made from pressure treated timber to reduce water penetration in order to keep your work tools safe and dry from the elements. The three questions you should ask yourself when buying a Dunster House shed; is it great value for money? Our simple, yet attractive designs will complement any style of garden without upstaging your valuable garden ornaments!
Our sheds are designed with a heavy duty framework with 16mm thick roof boards to prevent unsightly sagging the roof. People expect to find empty bottles, scraps of paper and general rubbish that has either been thrown over the fence or blown in the wind. You could go and get one for next to nothing that sits at the bottom of your lawn but has no shelves, storage and is an eyesore against the garden you worked so hard on.If you choose the right shed however, this can act as a greenhouse, storage cupboard or anything you want it to be. If you have answered ‘yes’ to at least one of the above questions then feast your eyes on our impressive range of pressure treated sheds!

You will be amazed at how much extra storage space is created with our sheds, particularly if your unruly garden has you tripping over your children’s toys or rusty garden furniture! The last thing you want is your waterlogged lawnmower drowning because your shed roof has craved in!
What you don’t expect to find are toys from 1920, a painting that is set to sell for $120,000 and many other fascinating things. Dunster House provide all the types of garden shed that you can imagine- we even combined them!

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