Jena Dyco International is Australia’s leading training provider in the specialised cleaning and restoration industry. We offer a wide range of industry-specific internationally recognised courses and qualifications. Jena Dyco offer the largest range of Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) short courses in Australia. Jena Dyco also regularly brings specialised courses from the US to get the newest and best practices in the industry to the door step of carpet cleaning businesses in Australia. Examples of our Jena Dyco short courses include the Advanced Stain Removal course, the Meth Lab Cleanup and Testing course, and the Hoarding Cleanup course, just to name a few! If your organisation requires customised training, Jena Dyco offers private training tailored to your specific needs. Training can be run at your preferred location during a time that is convenient for your team.
Jena Dyco has provided private training to many businesses, do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 192 968 or + 61 3 9815 0175 to discuss your needs. Dyco is conveniently located directly off Interstate 80 about 15 miles west of Interstates 80 and 81 junction. Whether traveling east or west on I-80 take exit #241B, route 11 north (If you look to the right just north of I-80 you will be looking at the back of our facility). To design solar mounting systems to meet the specific requirements of our customers' installations .
If you are a homeowner, farmer or small business owner, or if you manage an institution, you have the opportunity to produce and sell the electricity thanks to the OPA (Ontario Power Authority) Micro-Fit Program. Dent's plumbing and Heating has supported the e engineeringprogram at Bloomsburg High school for a number of years.
The Windsor Frozen FoodsA® Company was founded in January 1996 from an acquisition of frozen food companies formerly owned by the Keebler Company. Commercial Stainless specializes in equipment custom manufactured for the food service industry, providing quality equipment at a fair price built to your specifications or ours.
Over the past few years they have helped us water jet some of the parts we can't machine at the school with the equipment we have available to us. When searching for the best and most comprehensive automated plastic container handling systems, Dyco will provide the solution.
The Dream Machine Motor Club has been a loyal sponsor of our program for a number of years. They sell Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Brass, and Copper products and have the capability to process material to customer specifications. Above all else, Sheetz is about providing kicked-up convenience while being more than just a convenience store.
Harry's Bar and Grille have continued to support the engineering program at the high school. A number of educational opportunities have been made possible by the continued support of our sponsors.

Additionally, all sponsors will be featured on the Malicious Intent Robotics website which is a portal for all our engineering activities. Includes a€“ 24a€? multicolor advertising logo centered on the banners, logo and advertisement on the team web site, maximum size logo on the team T-shirts, maximum size logo on the center of the robots. Includes a€“ 18a€? multicolor advertising logo on the banners, logo and advertisement on the team web site, A? size logo on the team T-shirts, A? size logo on the side of the robot.
Includes a€“ 10a€? single color logo on the banners, logo on the team web page, A? size logo on the team T-shirts. Dyco Water Systems pump repair company water softener pumps water filtration well drilling service & supplies tampa st.
Growing up in a well drilling business in Maine, Ted Dyer realized early there was a good living in well drilling and water.
As a young adult, Ted moved to Minnesota and joined an exploration drilling firm, a job that included much travel through the western U.S. In 1993 Ted earned a State Water Well Contractors license, and in 1996 a State Water Plant Operator’s license. Dyco’s Side Grip Elevators and Lowerators are used world wide to vertically change elevation within a small foot print. Similar equipment productsSingle Side Planetary Fine Grinding MachineThe Lapmaster line of single side planetary fine grinding machines are specially designed and built to withstand extreme conditions within a production environment while requiring minimal maintenance.
IICRC courses give you the technical skills and knowledge to run a successful specialised business or restoration business. Travel about a ¼ mile north on route 11 making the first right onto Industrial Drive, make the first right just across the train tracks onto Edwards Drive. 1 hour from Dyco) Located on I-81.From airport follow signs to I-81 south to the I-80 junction where you get onto I-80 west. Today Windsor has FDA-approved manufacturing facilities that provide products to food service warehouse club, industrial and private-label retail customers across the United States. CSI is recognized by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for equipment built custom in compliance to their standard. In addition, they provide the local community with a number of beneficial programs that aid both students and the adults of the Bloomsburg area.
Dyco has decades of experience handling all types of plastic containers, cable conveyors, and table top conveyors.
As a result, we have created a variety of sponsorship opportunities that could provide an advertising return for your educational contribution. There will also be space available on our team T-shirts, however, the advertising space available on the robots is limited and will be awarded with respect to the level of sponsorship. Donated materials and equipment can be combined with monetary contributions to increase sponsorship levels. The family business, started in 1904 by his grandfather, was a well drilling operation in Maine. In 1982, Ted returned to the Northeast, and joined his brother Ronald who had a well drilling company in New Hampshire.

These certifications have allowed the company to diversify into additional lines of business. The new building was built with an additional tenant warehouse, so they are now also in the landlord business. Typical application include elevating PET containers form the blowmolding area and also lowerating the bottle in the Washdown area of the filling room. Srl is a specialist in designing, manufacturing and installing concentric taping lines, rewinding equipments and special machines for the wire and cable industry, according to detailed requests of its customers.
We have close relationships with our customers, so when they ask us to deliver a specific type of training we listen, develop and get back to them with a top-class specialised training course, in line with local and international standards and best-practice.
At the stop sign make a right onto Naus Way and Dyco is located a short distance on the right.
Dyco can provide you with single source responsibility for your entire plastic container handling system. In 1949 Bloomsburg Metal relocated to Wilkes-Barre, PA where they grew into a full line Metal Service Center. If you need to refuel your car or refresh your body, we have what you need to keep you moving on to whatever comes next. The engineering program at Bloomsburg offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to invest in the community as well as the future workforce of our country. The funding will help students go beyond the normal classroom experience and help them achieve at a level they never thought possible.
Ted opened the first Dyco Water to complement the drilling business, and supplied pumps and water treatment for the drilling customers.
Not to stop there, in 2005 Dyco acquired O’Connor Environmental Water Treatment and in 2006 purchased Mermaid Water Treatment. As you can see, despite the economical downturn, the Dyer business operations are growing in Sarasota.
Ensured through the use of a pilot plant, KWS can simulate the application and analyze the projected full-scale results. Features 3 interchangeable hardened metal rolls with sealed bearings, cam quick release and foot wheel.
Success is contagious, and we are hoping the crop of students this year can live up to the national honors bestowed the teams of the past few years.
As with many of us, in 1990 Ted decided warmer climates were more to his liking and moved to the Sarasota area.
One of the plans for growth included getting additional certifications to open more options and opportunities.
These acquisitions broadened both his public water plant customer and residential customer bases.

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