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Gather your favorite Scrapbook paper and Paper cutter and using blocks and pencil, trace around the blocks from the corner of the opposite side of the papers and cut with paper cutter. Next, Paint all the edges with white paint(except the bottom of the block) and set aside to dry. If you do not know how to cut wood or are uneasy about doing it- you can have them cut at your local hardware store or you can also find these blocks at most craft stores already sanded for about 50 cents a block.
If your blocks are all the same size- you can use this first square as your template for tracing onto the rest of the squares.

If you do not have vinyl or paper on hand you can click on the pictures below and right click "save image" then paste to a word doc to print- or if you have followed these instructions and have your paper ready, glue your paper square using a foam brush and Mod Podge.

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