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At Garage Wholesalers in Perth, Western Australia we supply a range of shed kits made from superior heavy duty steel.
Our shed kits come in an extensive range of sizes and configurations to suit all purposes for the home, business, professional tradie or farm. If you can put together Ikea furniture, assembling one of our sheds is only a little more challenging for the average DIY enthusiast. Every shed kit is certified to Australian standards by a local practising structural engineer, and building plans are supplied ready for lodgement to the local council.
Call us today on 9459 9655 or complete the enquiry form to request additional information or a DIY shed quote. Designed for attachment to mobile lifting equipment to provide a pick point for easy sling attachment. Our mobile facilities, all of which are NATA endorsed, allow us to inspect, test and certify most lifting equipment, including Height.. We've all heard of those exorbitantly expensive houses in Peppy Grove, Mosman Park etc with one costing over $50 million.
Walking along this section of river gives you an odd sense of exhilaration and happiness, as well as a different viewpoint of Perth's mega mansions. The unmarked walk starts at the Coombe Reserve at the bottom of the incredibly steep and wealthy road known as 'the Coombe', it then bends around the Point Walter sand bar and through to Chidley Point Reserve on the other side. After conquering the hardest part of the trail you come out onto a calm white sand beach called Chidley Point reserve.
From here you can go back the way you came or take the dotted line back to check out some of the gigantic mansions around the area, particularly along Saunders street.
So if you have walked every popular spot Perth has to offer, if you've discovered every nook and cranny of the surrounding areas, and if you think there is nothing you haven't seen in our city think again, there's always secrets waiting to be uncovered. Really drooled over the older individual mansions, the native revegatation and just a nice adventure w Mum reminiscing. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city.

We do a lot of work in Kinross and can give you prompt reliable service often on the same day you call.
We’ve been living in Yanchep for nearly 5 years now and as a result do a lot of work in Two Rocks. A common problem at this time of year is for one station to remain on while the system goes thru its cycle. Sometimes your reticulation¬†isn’t working on one station because there is no power getting to the solenoid to open it. Whether it is a single garage, a multi door garage, backyard shed, acreage shed or home workshop we can help you come up with a design that is right for you.
Our range of steel garages and backyard sheds, generally start at a width of 3m with lengths beginning from 6m. If you want that extra bit of space and style, our American Barns offer a practical solution for a multi-car garage, boat shed, caravan storage, workshop, horse stable or any large storage solution. You can be assured your shed has been engineered to comply with the Building Code of Australia. Our modular approach offers a great deal of flexibility for customisation to suit your exact requirements including safe chemical storage. There’s a choice of attractive Colorbond colours or Zincalume to ensure your shed looks great.
Situated right on the Swan River these high end houses sit right above one of the most untouched sections of the Swan in the metro area. Finding your own way through the weaving bushes and trees, over the rocky outcrops and across the cliff faces is quite a unique experience.
Castaway Island style beachThink of Gilligans Island, those tropical island paradises that we all dream of. Perth's most expensive propertyThe 57.5 million dollar mansion is not just the most expense property in WA, but also holds the record for the most expensive property in Australia.
Stretching down to the riverside you can walk right up to the boat shed and out onto the private jetty.
The CliffBetween the park and Chidley reserve is an area of untamed bushes, rocky outcrops and cliff faces.

You can see Point Walter and Blackwall reach over the other side of the river as well as passing boats and the mansions south of the river. The beach has shaded seats, grassed area and barbeque facilities so is a great place to relax, swim or have a barbeque. From the miniature to the massive, the modern to the traditional, the cosy to the minimal and everything in between, you'll find sheds of every conceivable shape, size and function right here. How do you repair it without digging it all up so you have enough flex to insert a coupling? Call 0400044236 for a free quote or just to discuss what you need with no obligation whatsoever.
This map shows the section of river and several highlighted points of interest, as explained below. As the river is public land walking past is completely legal and as long as you're respectful going out onto the jetty is no problem. Just a few more metres down the trail is a bigger, arguably better jetty out the front of a manicured public garden. Navigating your way through this wilderness can take a little effort but is quite a lot of fun. Untouched sands and large driftwood feature on this hidden shoreline to give you a surprising feel of peaceful isolation. The garden is hidden down the bottom of an old wooden staircase, away from any public eyes. This could explain why it's a favourite for nude photo shoots.From here you can go up the stairs to the road or continue on to the rougher, unmarked part of the riverside walk.

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