Create lower maintenance easy care gardens using gravels, pebbles and colourful slates for that instant transformation. The property is powered by renewable energy and we would therefore encourage you to live an eco lifestyle for your stay, and not bring additional electrical appliances.  Spend an evening relaxing in a firebath under the stars listening to frogs and moreporks. We have extensive vegetable gardens as well as chooks, ducks and various animals, and eggs and seasonable vegetables are available to purchase, as well as productive plants, seeds and shelter trees.
This is a small cabin overlooking the lake with a deck and solar lights to light your way at night from the bach or car parking space. Finally, I have been able to get through all the madness of Christmas and the New Year and write a post about the arrival and construction of the chicken coop and the arrival of the much anticipated chickens. The coop arrived on the Tuesday before Christmas – just in the nick of time – I had arranged to pick up the chickens the following day! The instructions were a single piece of A4 paper with 4 diagrams – the coop in various stages of construction with some arrows with letters and numbers indicating which screws went in which pre-drilled holes. And the biggest bonus of the build… Mr D i mean Farmer D, got to make a farmhouse and a shed out of the boxes at the end of the build! I brought the girls home the following afternoon, so the lovely ladies have a beautiful new home.
On Friday my Kiwi (New Zealander) pal and I knocked up triffic li’l chook fence to protect my small vegie patch from the attack of the killer chickens. People who count their chickens before they are hatched act very wisely, because chickens run about so absurdly that it is impossible to count them accurately.
My trusty Polish immigrant, my not so trusty child labourer and myself took to the excavation site with gusto and a generous dash of silliness. Like any good excavation, archeological evidence of civilizations past gradually emerged as we dug deeper. The summer rains passed us by – I would have liked a little cascading rainfall after our project was completed.
The area behind our giant gum tree was used by previous tenants as a compost heap so every now and then a pumpkin vine or a tomato plant will emerge from the middle of the wasteland and attempt to reproduce.

The house is about 80 years old and back in the day when garbage collection didn't exist, it appears this spot was also used as a bit of a dumping ground for unwanted household items, broken crockery etc. Weather permitting and if my Polish friend is still talking to me – excavation and possible construction is the mission for this weekend. Tell Me About It!admin on Playdough RecipeMarisA on Playdough Recipeadmin on Raise The Roof! There is easy access to the mountain from the property – the Maude track is 7 km down the road,   and Egmont Village is 12 km away. We have lots of information on how the bach was built and how the property was developed for interested visitors. There is still a strong surf running with waves and swell of almost 2m, so take care […]Not much to reportThe reason for the lack of a report and forecast yesterday was down to the fact that I had very little to report. We decided to pull all of the pieces out of the boxes and place them around the site, leaning them against fences and potted plants in roughly the orientations they would be fixed in. It seemed almost pointless at the time  as my vegie patch has not been kind to me so far this spring (I’m going to blame it on the late spring here in Oz).
The soils was really water repellent so I added litres of liquid soil wetter and the 3 of us churned it through. A crazy morning meant resuming our amateur landscaping project began later than planned… All the while expecting a turbulent summer storm to turn our buckets of soil into sticky mud pies.  One of our small team of 3 would have actually enjoyed that! It would have freshened everything and settled the fine dust particles that seem endemic in coastal city soil. This thankfully makes the soil fertile enough to move to a strip of land at the side of the house that needs some fill after the house next-door was finished being built.
We have already found numerous pippi shells, buried bricks, a spoon, broken glass and bottles, broken roof tiles etc and we haven't finished our excavation yet! We specializes in the design, construction and production of log cabins, log houses and timber structures for garden,.
Even after waiting an […]Cod and Bass, just as predicted!I predicted that we would see plenty of Cod and Bass on Thursday, when the sea settled after the blow on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Then we spotted the small knobs of dowell sticking out of many of the pieces and the corresponding holes on other pieces – success!
Miss D and I filled it with dodgy soil from under the gum tree while we were excavating the chicken coop site and while I was at the hardware store getting the materials for the fence, I found a bunch of cheap little pot plants to create colour. Rotten gum tree leaves and bark might make it a bit challenging to grow some things but I'll give it a red hot go. We always keep wide range already produced log cabins in stock prepared for immediate shipping. It seems […]Hoopers Humble flounder recipeWithin the culinary world, Flounder are a very under rated fish. This made the assembly much easier, the coop fitted together easier than expected and we put it together in about 1.5hrs, including the trip to the hardware store. Our cabins are ideal for leisure, gyms, offices, workshops or simply as an extra space for your house.
I was really impressed how easy it came together in the end – and it really looks as good as the one in the picture from ebay!
We discovered that the chicken house didn't have an inbuilt floor so had to make an emergency dash to the hardware store to purchase a sheet of wire mesh to build the coop on top of.
Stay tuned, I won't be able to contain my eggcitement (pun intended) the moment the first egg appears!
I bought a packet of cable ties to tie the coop to the mesh so it would be vermin and dog proof.

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