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To save a bit of money and get more use out of his workbench, the author constructed his own quick and easy router table. A router table doesn’t have to cost a fortune or weigh a ton to deliver professional results. The author designed his lift to fit his router, so you might need to make slight adjustments depending on the router you used. I designed my router lift to suit my Festool OF 1400 plunge router, because it plunges without the need to engage a release lever. Get started on the project by ripping and crosscutting the tabletop and two mounting blocks (pieces 1 and 2) to size. Use a core box bit to mill out the grooves for your router's guide rods, making them half the rod's diameter. If your router does not have guide rods, then you will need to modify the tabletop to accept a router table plate or simply mount the base to the table with screws.
Rout slots into mounting blocks to fix the rods against the table, then fasten them to the table blank with carriage bolts and wingnuts. For those routers with guide rails, mount them by first centering and locking the guide rods on the router’s base. Use glue and biscuits to assemble the frame for the router lift, the top of the frame will make up the rear router mounting block. Align the lift bracket flush with one end of the lift base, and mark the centerpoint of these parts.
Once the lift frame has been assembled, thread the crank assembly through the lift bracket, fitting the rod through the base hole and screw them together.
Biscuit and glue the mounting block, lift sides and base together to form the lift framework. To mark out the screw positions on the lift plate, the author set four wood screws in the holes in his router's motor cap, these will keep the lift plate from spinning during cranking after final assembly. To complete the lift assembly, fit it over the carriage bolt on the rear mounting block, tighten the wingnut to secure it, and crank the rod until it is against the lift plate.
Cut two slots through the base of the fence near each end, this is where you will mount the fence to the table and be able to make any adjustments. Cut #20 biscuit slots for the braces, then attach the fence's base to the back at 90°, with biscuits and glue and then clamp them up.
Drill a counterbore hole through each fence facing, centered through the horizontal slots on the fence backing, then attach your facing with carriage bolts, washers, and wingnuts.

The day after tomorrow is Independence Day, and there’s nothing more independent than building out your own workshop. I started digging into our magazine archives and found a number of articles on building your own router table. All four of these designs are available in our store as part of the magazine issues in which they originally appeared.
And speaking of no-nonsense designs for your workshop, there is one more router table and 23 other projects in our new book from Danny Proulx, “Practical Woodshop Projects.” Danny was famous for his stripped-down approach. Celebrate your independence by spending a lot of time in your shop this weekend and making it that much easier to use! Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. Here's Some Advice That'll Help You.Wood Routing Techniques routing techniques plans wood magazine store basic routing techniques advanced router techniques woodworking router wood router basics wood router uses types of routers woodworkingWood Routing Techniques An teemingness of Sir Henry Joseph Wood router with this delicate index. 4'x4' or 40'x100' we build Industrial, Small Shop and Commercial Grade Hobby CNC Routers & CNC Plasma Cutters. My version’s 1"-thick top doesn’t even require a cabinet base or legset — it simply clamps to my workbench.
The lift may work with other routers, too, but study the Drawings carefully to verify the compatibility with your machine. Notice in the Drawings and the photos at right that, instead of hanging the router from a removable plate, I make use of the two metal edge guide rods that come standard with the tool. It has a round crank that turns a threaded rod through a nut captured between the lift’s base and bracket. In order to prevent the router lift plate (piece 10) from spinning around when I turn the lift crank, I drove four wood screws partially into the plate, aligning their heads with the hole pattern on the motor cap. Cut the fence base and back (pieces 11 and 12) to size, and lay out pairs of attachment bolt slots in both of these parts. I suggest that you cut them from one long strip of plywood to ensure that their thicknesses will match perfectly. Workshop projects are a double bonus because you save money by building fixtures yourself, and then you save money and gain independence while using them. This one is quite compact, stores easily and mounts to the top of your workbench when needed. The lathe bed is wholly cast with iron, it can assure high stability and not easy to deformation, it can process the material on the table randomly. Adopt the imported guide rail, ball bearing piece, can bear high weight, run stability, high precision, long life. Intelligent protection for working table can avoid the damaging the table own to wrong operation or software fault. Advanced DSP controller can control automatically the muti-layer 3D processing with high speed.
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We can teach you how to be savvy by working your MoJo and saving up to 50% of your budget whether you need to, or want to. The project features an adjustable split fence with dust collection, plus a router lift made from ordinary home-center hardware.
If anything, the fact that Popular Woodworking Magazine has not published a router table plan for over four years makes us a little different. You might want to mix and match different design aspects to create your own unique router table.
These days Dan is a former online editor for Popular Woodworking, and is learning new skills every day. Can you send us some pictures or post them on our Facebook timeline when you have finished? Its protection of step beyond the boundary avoids the crash while design area beyond processing area. By removing three pairs of carriage bolts and wingnuts, I can remove the lift, router and fence easily for convenient storage.
The mounting blocks clamp the guide rods in grooves on the table, and that’s what holds the machine in place instead of screws. Now, switch to a core box or a straight bit with a cutting diameter that matches the guide rod diameter. Then switch to a 1"-diameter Forstner bit to drill a counterbore into the inside face of the lift bracket. The router table in this book is a lot like the one that Norm Abram made famous, with drawers for your bits. Shape the pieces galvanized octonary Repeater upwards Electric Bass to Low rear Theatre EUB each bit are usually known toll crapper thousands of pounds dollars. Run your router against a clamped straightedge to rout a pair of shallow groove for the guide rods into the table.
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Especially if you’re a beginner who is just now building out your shop, I think you’ll find these very helpful. This dimension of rigid Colin Palfrey and fully all rights reserved Wood Routing Techniques-5. When the finish dries, I recommend adding a safety power switch so you can turn the router on and off easily or quickly in an emergency.
Now, bolt the parts together, clamp the table to your bench, and you’re all set for routing.

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