Vintage Timberworks manufactures reclaimed wood flooring from our inventory of reclaimed lumber and timber including Douglas fir, Hardwood Barn Board, and Chestnut.
The minimum order using the price extentions below for the Recycled Douglas Fir, Reclaimed Barn Wood, and Reclaimed Chestnut wood flooring is 500 SF. RUSTIC FIR FLOORING - This reclaimed wood flooring product starts with a board which has the original rough brown patina and the original band or circular saw marks.
SEMI-SURFACED DOUGLAS FIR FLOORING - This classic wood floor starts with reclaimed Douglas fir lumber which is de-nailed and sawn into flooring blanks with one old rough face. CLEAR VERTICAL GRAIN FIR FLOORING - Carefully selected, the planks in this product will be milled nearly free of character marks and knots. MIXED GRAIN CHARACTER GRADE FIR - This reclaimed wood flooring results from the outfall created when we saw size beams to smaller dimensions leaving planks of various sizes. RUSTIC BARN WOOD FLOORING - This recycled barn wood flooring starts with the brown &gray barn siding planks which are de-nailed, edged, and selected for quality.
SEMI-SURFACED BARN WOOD FLOORING - This classic barn wood floor starts with reclaimed oak live edge beams or barn siding planks which are de-nailed and sawn into flooring blanks.
SURFACED BARN WOOD FLOORING - This classic barn wood floor starts with reclaimed barn siding planks which are de-nailed and sawn into flooring blanks. BARN WOOD PARQUET FLOORING - Reclaimed parquet is created by cutting barn siding, (predominately white oak), into precise dimensions and gluing the pieces to a plywood backing. SEMI-SURFACED CHESTNUT FLOORING - This reclaimed wood floor starts with Chestnut lumber and planks relaimed from barns and cabins on the east coast which is de-nailed and sawn into flooring blanks with one old rough face.
SURFACED CHESTNUT FLOORING - This classic wood floor starts with reclaimed live edge Chestnut beams or barn siding planks which are de-nailed and sawn into flooring blanks. OAK STRIP FLOORING - This recycled flooring product is reclaimed from buildings and offices. AS IS TASSIE OAK WOOD FLOORING - Direct from Australia, this reclaimed wood flooring originates in schools, factories, and wool storage buildings. SEMI-SURFACED TASSIE OAK WOOD FLOORING - We take as is Tassie flooring and run it through a special sander which lightly touches the surface leaving most of the original appearance including the scratches and gouges. Technical specie specifications for Brazilian Cherry from Fantastic Floor - Discount Exotic and Domestic Hardwood Flooring, Prefinished Solid Flooring, Unfinished Solid Flooring and Engineered Flooring. Description: Brazilian Cherry flooring, also known as Jatoba, is the most popular exotic hardwood flooring imported into the US. About: Our Brazilian Cherry flooring is available in unfinished, engineered and prefinished formats. Tree Characteristics: The Brazilian Cherry tree can grow to a height of 130 ft with the diameter of the trunk reaching 5 to 6 feet. Geographic Area: Brazilian Cherry trees can be found in Central America, the West Indies, northern Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, and Southern Mexico. Color: Brazilian Cherry heartwood can range from pinkish-red to brown-orange when it is fresh, transitioning to tan to reddish-brown when seasoned. Photosensitivity: Brazilian Cherry's color will darken over time to a deeper shade of red when exposed to light. Working Characteristics: Brazilian Cherry is rated as moderately difficult to saw and and machine as a result of high density.
Applications: Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring, prefinished, unfinished and engineered, decking, outdoor furniture, interior paneling and trim, furniture, railroad crossties, tree-nails, gear cogs, wheel rims, steam-bent parts, tool handles.
It’s easy to see why this can be such a dilemma for some people, your floors will have a huge impact on the look of your home and if you get them wrong, you’ll be stuck with them for a long, long time. The first decision to make is whether you should even consider if you floor should be stained or if it should be kept in its natural state. If you are lucky enough to have an exotic, rare or special wood floor such as mahogany, cherry, rosewood, walnut, aged pine and even maple then we strongly recommend they don’t be stained.
Oak flooring takes stain very well with the correct techniques and they look great when done properly. A lot of people don’t like the “old” style of “yellowish” natural oak they associate with their grandparent’s floors. This can be one of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make when it comes to refinishing your hardwood floors.
One of the best places to see different flooring styles and colors is in that stack of home decoration and renovation magazines you have piled up in a corner somewhere. You can also take a trip down to your local big box hardware store and browse through the flooring isle to see what tickles your fancy. If you have a certain taste in furniture or a design style you’re going for, it will greatly help you to decide on a color as well. For example, if you want a country, farmhouse theme in your home, then you won’t want to stain your floors Dark Ebony or Jacobean, you would go for something like Early American or Colonial Maple that are in the color board above. On the other hand, if you’re going for a more modern contemporary style, you won’t want to put down a color like Sedona Red as it would look completely out of place. Lighter floors can be better for small dark rooms as they will brighten them up, making them look bigger because they reflect light.
One other thing to note about dark floors is that maintenance will be somewhat more difficult.
If you’ve narrowed your choices down to 2 or 3 colors then you’re well on your way to getting the perfect stain for your hardwood floors. If you need some extra help in choosing a stain color all you have to do is ask us and we’ll be happy to lend our professional help.
May I ask, what is the type of wood and stain color used in the picture with you in it at the very top? I also have a big dog, and dont want to go too dark on account of him scratching up the floor. Try and wipe off as much as you can, leave it to dry out for a few days and then test a spot of the floor to see what happens. If you do need to re-sand, I suggest you waterpop the floors so you can get that darker look you want. Thank you for taking the time to comment Faviola and I hope your hardwood floor refinishing project goes well! In the end, I highly recommend you have your wood flooring professional make you some samples. Maybe check out the colors Provincial, Special Walnut or Early American by MinWax and see if they suit your style. As far as color, it’s very tough for us to make a call without seeing your place in person and knowing what your “style” is.
Sorry about the delay in replying, I was at a national trade event with my employees for a few days – keeping up on the latest hardwood flooring advancements. To answer your question, I always pre-face these type of answers with… it’s tough to anwer without seeing your home in person. Maybe get your stager to pop over to help you with the choice as well, they’re usually very good with colors and style. I have enjoyed reading the blog but have a question of my own my husband and I are building a home and I need to pick out the color I want for my floors I really love the darker shades but I am nervous my 115 lb dog is going to ruin them everyone keeps telling me if we go to dark it will show all the scratches is this true??
We always recommend for clients with dogs to keep their nails properly clipped to reduce damage too. As far as dust, yes the darker floors will show it more, but that’s a small price to pay for having awesome looking floors we think. The floors that we have currently made are pretty much all 8′long stock and we make the blanks oversize through the rip so we can keep them extra straight out of the moulder. If you use the same brand of stain then yes, you can mix colors together to get the look you want.

Try to find a color close to what you want and then mix and sample colors till you find the perfect one. Our main floor has a douglas fir floor (original from 1888) in the living room and red oak from the 1940′s in the rest of the rooms.
Sorry for the delay in replying, we’ve had a very busy week sanding and refinishing floors here in Naperville. It’s always hard to give advice over the computer without seeing your home in person and your wall and furnishing colors as well as your decorating tastes.
1) I know your windows are small, but if you have light colored walls you could blend the two floors all in together with a darker stain. 2) Keep the floors natural or use a light colored stain (Golden Oak perhaps if your taste is country) and enjoy the difference in the woods. 3) Be very daring and become a trend-setter with one of the newest and latest colors coming out for floors – greys and whites.
Yes you’re right about the darker stains, especially if the floor has been water-popped. The third floor photo in the post (the one with the fireplace) is a red oak floor and you can still see the natural color variation with the wood there. If I get up the nerve to go darker, is there a stain that blends well with light and medium oak as well as cherry? The finish system used on that floor had very high VOC’s and with good reason they are starting to be banned across the country.
The color palette in the blog post is just a small sampling of our colors, we have many more and all of them can be mixed and blended to get any custom shade you want. More and more, the answer is Engineered Wood (MDF, not particleboard, see below for the difference). The reclaimed flooring is available in a variety of appearances and sizes including wide plank flooring and long plank wood flooring products. Smaller orders can be produced for an additional set-up charge or at the pricing below if the client can wait for the order to be run concurrent with another order. All installation and finishing is done by the client or the clients contractor and should be installed using the guidelines provided by the National Wood Flooring Association. The board is then sent through a special sander which lightly sands the surface while leaving the patina and character marks. This product will have mixed grain (flat, rift, and vertical grain) and plenty of knots and character marks. The veneer is then laminated to Baltic Birch plywood and run through a molder to create an engineered floor.
This stunning recycled floor starts with the chestnut barn siding planks which are de-nailed, edged, and selected for quality. The popularity of the Brazilian Cherry floor is due to its combination of superior performance and beautiy. Brazilian Cherry floors are available in Clear grade, which is generally color matched, Select grade which is very similar to Clear but has more color variation and is still 100% heart wood, No.
After approximately 3 months of light exposure, Brazilian Cherry's color will remain constant.
There are a number of factors that will affect whether you should stain your floors and what stain color best suits your home, all of which need to be taken into consideration before making a decision. These floors can look great left their natural color, or they can be stained to make them look a more exotic shade like the above species.
Unless you have the exact image in your mind of how you want them to look, you’ll need to find some inspiration.
You should be able to find images of houses with all sorts of wood flooring shades within them.
Do you like the light, clean open look of a lighter colored floor, or do you fancy the deep, elegant and bold look of darker floors? You should be able to pretty quickly see what you like and even more importantly what shades you don’t like with the big samples they have on display.
You would go with something much bolder and modern like Ebony or one of the darker brown hues. Lighter shades like Cherry and Golden Oak will accent the natural grains and beauty of a floor while still giving it some depth and color.
If there are large areas of water damage or pet stains, then a dark ebony stain might be able to adequately mask these areas and other imperfections without having to do extensive repairs (assuming the wood itself is stable). As I’ve gotten a bit carried away with this post, I’ll make that the subject of my blog post for next month (you can read it here). Whatever your taste is, dark, lighter floors, red hues or brown and all the shades in between, you will have no trouble finding a color that fits in perfect with your home. If you go with white cabinets, you can pretty much have any color on the floor and it will look good. Chestnut would definitely stay within the realms of the safe colors as your furniture has the redish hues.
If you don’t use a finish with a ultraviolet inhibitor, then yes the floors will change color (darker) with sunlight. Speaking for myself, I like darker colored floors and I think the contrast between dark wood floors and a natural wood ceiling would look good.
I just got guy installed Red Oak hardwood floor, can you advice what color should I go with should I stain or leave it natural. But if you really want to make a statement and still have it blend in with your existing colors, I would start with 3 colors – Dark Walnut, Provincial and Jacobean. If you put down a “cheap” big box store finish, then yes I’d be very worried about scratches. That way the hardwood professional can sand, stain and finish them onsite to the clients choice of stain color and finish system. The available colors our floor guy says are out there are simply not what we had a in mind.
I really like your first picture at the top of this blog, but you said it’s ebony and that looked really black to us. Can be time consuming and a pain, but you have to live with your floors for a long time so it’s worth the effort. It sounds like you only have the fir in the living room – you could make a focal point out of that beautiful wood if you wanted to and not even bother trying to hide or blend it. I would get a few red colors and a few of the browns and maybe fruitwood and experiment with mixing them together (the same brand) at different percentages to see what you like. You can still get lower VOC oil modified finishes though that will give that nice deep amber look.
Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Block For Sale Concrete Diy Barn Projects Buy Rochester Ny Shelving Cutting Board Beams Rustic Oak Wood Round Dining Table Chestnut Wood What Is Engineered Block Wood Reclaimed Wood CountertopsJoin the discussion on this Block For Sale Concrete Diy Barn Projects Buy Rochester Ny Shelving Cutting Board Beams Rustic Oak Wood Round Dining Table Chestnut Wood What Is Engineered Block Wood Reclaimed Wood Countertops using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. We also stock recycled narrow plank strip wood flooring reclaimed from buildings in which it was previously installed. We can manufacture this reclaimed wood flooring in a variety of widths and lengths including random width. We can manufacture this in 3-6" random width or specified width to a maximum of 6" in the solid plank.
The end result is a parquet floor which is reminiscent of the antique European parquet floors complete with the inherent character and uneven worn appearance.
The board is then sent through a special sander which lightly sands the surface while leaving the patina and character marks on the wood floor. This reclaimed barn board product is available in 3-6" random width or specified width to a maximum of 6" and in lengths to 10'.

We process the recycled flooring pulling the nails and eliminating the pieces too damaged to use. We process the reclaimed flooring, pulling the nails and eliminating the pieces too damaged to use.
Brazilian Cherry's reddish-brown heartwood is streaked with dark black striping, giving it amazing contrast and depth. Most people stain their floors in an attempt to get them to look like one of these awesome floors, if you already have this type of hardwood floor in your home then you’re way ahead of the game. We have stained many different species of wood floors for clients including the maple floors in a Chicago apartment you can see in the picture above. While dark shades like Ebony and Jacobean will make a grand statement in a home and show off furniture more. So if you have a full house running through, scuffing things up, tracking dirt and dust in and you don’t want the stress of continually cleaning up, you may want to consider a lighter color. I’ll go into great detail of the best way to make sure you’re completely 100% happy with your decision before you commit to staining the entire floor.
And if you can’t find the perfect color out of a tin, we’d be happy to mix some different stains together for a custom blend that matches your taste and style.
Unfortunately we are a long way from Naperville but I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and tips.
Jacobean or Walnut would also be a good choice if you want something a little more contrasting and dark but not completely different. Nothing can replace a close-up real-life match between your potential floor color and existing furniture like a good stain sample.
Ask your local wood floor refinishing professional for their recommendations on what will work best for your floors under local conditions, they’ll be happy to help lead you in the right direction I’m sure. These colors go with a lot of different styles of decorating so the new owner will be able to picture their furnishings in the space, which will be very important for selling. There are great high-end finishes though that are extremely durable – such as Bona Traffic, Pallman-X96 etc.
Onsite sanding and finishing leads to a much nicer finished product without the bevels pre-finished flooring is known for. It’s very hard to tell with the lighting and shadows but the color looks a lot like Provincial to me. There are sealers too that can be used under water based coatings that offer similar looks.
We can manufacture reclaimed wood flooring in a variety of widths and lengths including random width. The widths will usually be limited to a maximum of 6" with this product and up to 10' in length.
We process the reclaimed wood floor pulling the nails and eliminating the pieces too damaged to use.
At the same time, Brazilian Cherry wood is very decoratively versatile, suiting a variety of darker and lighter color schemes due to its distinctive coloring.
It’s a very large room and the ceiling is done with the same wood that is why we thought of staining for some contrast. You can also get rift sawn which is cut on a different angle from the log and it has a more tight, straight and consistant grain pattern. Was considering an ebony, Jacobean or dark oak but would value your thoughts as to what would give a wow factor…. Occasionally Vintage Timberworks can manufacture this in up to 10" widths as inventory permits.This reclaimed wood floor product can be used in a more refined, contemporary setting. A great looking option is to hand sand the individual pieces prior to installation leaving the existing scratches and character marks.
Brazilian Cherry is also very hard and durable with a Janka hardness rating of 2350, almost twice as hard as Red Oak.
I would also seriously look into hardwax oils as these can be touched up very easily if the dog gets out of hand. Red oak and fir are very different woods as you know but they aren’t too far apart in the color spectrum thankfully. We have laid 5″ white oak with character everywhere and are trying to decide on a Minwax stain.
It is highly resistant to warping, cracking and splitting, whereas solid wood can have voids, knots, and other imperfections that can't meet this requirement. This is also a great accent piece when used in conjunction with our reclaimed barn board plank flooring. Hand sanding individual pieces prior to installation leaving the existing scratches and character marks on the wood is a great option. Brazilian Cherry looks fantastic when contrasted with dark colored or black furniture, countertops and cabinets. You have to decide on something you like that will look good with your furnishings long-term. I am also planning to get stager decorate the house but I am struggling to select the stain color. Alternatively, you can install the reclaimed flooring "As is" and sand as if it were a new installation, eliminating the character.
The combination of exotic beauty and strength make Brazilian Cherry hardwood a great choice for any home or business. That means materials that perform beautifully, at a price consumers can afford.Style: Okay, so it's well made, but how does it look? You can also install the reclaimed wood flooring "As is" and sand as if it were a new installation without character. Alternatively, you can install the recycled wood flooring "As is" and sand as if it were a new installation without character.
A smooth, flawless surface is critical for today's decorative veneers and laminates, and only the face of an Engineered Wood panel meets these requirements. MDF Mahogany Veneer Kitchen CabinetryEnvironment:Much of the furniture today is made of environmentally friendly engineered wood, which is a combination of bonded high-quality hardwood and soft wood materials that are applied to high heat and pressure. Fiberboard is created by breaking down wood chips into fibers and mixing these with an ultra-strong adhesive. When fused under intense heat and pressure, the resulting panel has consistent, uniform strength is resistant to warping, cracking and splitting and has no knots or other surface imperfections as other woods have.
MDF is subjected to greater pressure during manufacture than Particleboard, therefore the edges will be smooth and there will be no interior cavities. MDF has a much higher resin to wood ratio than Particleboard & uses only a certain fine quality of wood fiber, versus Particleboard that uses any & all leftover unwanted particles.
As an example, MDF is used in kitchen cabinetry & can have moldings & details routed directly into the wood. By choosing MDF, you support the recovery and recycling of millions of tons of wood chips, shavings, sawdust, and even post-consumer and "urban wood" like pallets and construction waste every year.
Engineered Wood represents the culmination of centuries of forestry (and wood-working) knowledge, modern technology, and efficient use of our natural resources.

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