For those who don’t know, timber framing is a construction style that joins heavy timbers together using mortise and tenon joints (for the analytical types like me, look up the German building style called Fachwerk). If you live in the UK (or anywhere for that matter) and you have a special garden shed of your own (or a picture of one), please send me a picture and a little story. If you are ready to buy a storage shed, visit The Betty Mills Company for a great selection.
The myriad of follies that sprung up in the great English gardens of the 18th century included many in the melancholy mediaeval or Gothic mood fostered by the romantic movement.
This traditional English style garden tool shed provides a clean and simple look for your backyard. Since the photo contributor, Jaymass (James Maskrey, a photographer who lives in the United Kingdom) lives in the UK, our assumption is that this unique garden shed is located there, too! Notice the wood frame around the door that extends up into the gable end above the door and down to the foundation?

Basically, there are slots cut in the wood so the wood joins together and is attached using pegs (traditional) or bolts (modern adaptation – sorry to the purists). Notice the climbing plants on either side of the door and the raw, natural looking wood siding. The round ridge cap on the roof, the half round rain gutters, the stone or block foundation (which you can barely see behind the plants on either side of the door), evidence of a field stone floor (am I reaching here?
Although the rich men who built them did not need to give reasons, there are few follies without at least on story to justify their existence, rationalisations sometimes arrived at by the local community for its own satisfaction - is this a latter day tiny 'mini-me'? I can almost imagine sitting in this grade, gathering my tools from this shed and disappearing for a while. You may want to visit Betty’s site just to see the shed pictures and generate ideas for your own project.
How about the vented gable end above the door that provides ventilation for moisture control.

More evidence of a craftsman who, it appears, used mortise and tenon joinery to construct the doors. The more I look at this picture, the more I want to go straight outside and build my own English garden shed (Honey, where is the check book?). This is much like a cabinet maker would do with kitchen cabinet doors, but without the bottom rail.

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