WDL has developed a full range of Structural Steel buildings like steel Sheds, Garages, Garden sheds,  farm sheds, log cabins, garden storage to suit every household, industrial or agricultural situation and project style. WDL has manufactured steel sheds as large as 3000 square meters Commercial Showrooms, and as small as 8 square meters utility garden shed. Whether you are looking for a small storage shed for the garden, or a multipurpose workshop steel garage or EXTRA large storage shed WDL will do all sheeting, cladding, flashing and steel frame for You. Colour of the shed that’s Your choice as You see very popular is green box or corrugated profile. WDL build steel sheds up to 33m clear span and 12m wall height, using structural framed steel.

Steel Farm sheds are available in a huge  range of sizes to meet your unique needs. Farm sheds are one of main type os steel structures in our Business and we have been working with Irish Farmers for over 30 years to ensure our sheds are cost effective and meet farmers needs in Co.
If you are looking for a sheds in Ulster or Connaught find that WDL is the leading shed manufacture in North Ireland but we are also exporting our sheds to UK and Scotland. Call Us and we will demonstrate how WDL shed is able to offer outstanding  performance, versality and aesthetic appeal, and why it is ideal choice for a variety of projects ranging from domestic and industrial to agricultural sheds. You can begin NOW by answering this simple question: What are you going to use the shed for? WDL manufacture all types of buildings we are able to manufacture and deliver to you ready to erect building in few days.

WDL manufacturer of steelsheds We supply a large range of roofing and cladding products, which may also be known by the following terms of description:roofing sheets, steel roof sheets, steel cladding sheets, steel corrugated sheets, metal roof sheets, metal cladding sheets, box profile sheets, profiled sheets, metal corrugated sheets, galvanised sheets, grp roof sheets, translucent roof sheets, plastisol coated sheets, plastic coated sheets, polyester coated sheets, tin sheets, vented sheets, curved corrugated sheets, insulated roof sheets, composite panels, insulated composite panels, insulated cladding sheets, zed purlins, roof flashings, roof trims, grp rooflights, translucent rooflights, fixings, fillers.

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