Pole barns are economical buildings that go up quickly, offer incredible flexibility and can be finished any way you want, with brick, stone, EIFS, vinyl siding or steel. You may have noticed that we and other pole barn builders use a variety of terms to describe our buildings, such as "post-frame buildings," "wood-frame buildings," "timber-frame structures" or "metal buildings." This can be confusing, so let us explain. Some post-frame builders now favor terms like "wood-frame" or "timber-frame." It doesn't matter to us what you call our buildings, just so long as you call us when you need one. FBi Buildings, Inc., is a pre-engineered post-frame design and engineering, manufacturing, and self-perform construction company serving agriculture, livestock, suburban, commercial and industrial markets that has built well more than 20,000 pre-engineered building structures for producers, land owners, and investors in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky.
If your building is for business, you'll appreciate how an FBi light industrial building or commercial building can turn a quick ROI.
Whether horses are your hobby or your business, we understand the many unique requirements of building safe, efficient, healthy and attractive horse barns and riding arenas.
Your decision to invest in a new post-frame building is worthy of careful consideration for a number of reasons — all of which impact your long-term construction value and overall building ROI.
Are you looking for ideas that will jump-start the planning process on your next building project?

Discover informative processes and see what others are saying about choosing FBi as their builder of choice.
Condensation is a naturally occurring phenomenon and is fairly common in the post frame industry. And if you choose to finish the interior, pole barns offer superior energy efficiency compared to steel-frame, concrete block or stud wall construction.
We are one of the largest pole barn companies in the country and have pioneered many innovations that raised the bar for the entire industry.
Square posts were replaced by precisely laminated wood columns in the 1980s, which provided superior strength and preservative treatment compared to solid posts. This barn design can easily be modified to fit the unique needs of your beef cattle operation.
Our knowledge in agri-structure engineering and repair techniques will revitalize your building's strength, functionality, and appearance – regardless of the builder!
Partner with the company that combines fully integrated engineering, manufacturing and construction capabilities with a consultative service approach to ensure you get the very best building design, functionality and longevity.

No matter how prepared you may be, no matter how many i’s you’ve dotted or t’s you’ve crossed, a weather event could take you by surprise. It is a precisely engineered wood-frame structure suitable for a wide range of uses, from complex, high-end commercial buildings down to simple storage sheds. Then, starting in 2002, FBi was one of the first to offer steel-reinforced concrete Perma-Columns. Whether you are looking for a dream woodworking shop, a place to restore classic cars or just room to put all your stuff, an FBi suburban storage building is the right choice.

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