Built of walnut and European beech my roubo style workbench is my most prized woodworking tool in the shop. Ray5 writes: How do you make the sculpted part, by hand or can you use a router to help get the basic shape. My Chest of Drawers in carved walnut and ash is featured in the April 2013 issue of Fine Woodworking magazine, which just came out.  It is a one of a kind piece, contemporary and sculptural.
This chest of drawers has a carved walnut exterior with integral carved drawer pulls, ash drawer boxes with hand cut dovetails, traditional Danish-style wooden drawer slides, mitered carcass construction with mortise and tenon joinery (90 degree finger-jointed tenons), and a book-matched solid walnut frame-and-panel back.  The finish is hand rubbed Danish oil. This chest won the First Place Award for Custom Studio Furniture in the 2012 Vermont Fine Furniture and Wood Products Design Competition. My carved wood spatulas and cherry spoons won a First Place Award in the 2006 Vermont Fine Furniture and Wood Products Design Competition.
To see other press coverage about my work, please click here to go to the press section of my website. Drawer fronts and cabinet sides were carved to undulate wave-like surfaces, the drawers more deeply to provide hand pulls.

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The cracks add texture and remind us that this is a great product of nature, not a piece of manmade material.
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This table was featured in an article Doug Mooberry wrote for  August 2009 Fine Woodworking magazine on how to work with large slabs of solid wood.
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