As much money as tractors, trucks and trailers can be, it’s a good idea to keep them out of the weather.
Peace of mind goes a long way in making you feel confident about the security of your property. Here at Five Starr Builders we understand the investments you have in all of your tractors, trucks, trailers and four wheelers. San saba vacation rental and guest house, Reservations our san saba vacation rental sleeps up to 7 people in two spacious bedrooms. Barndominium - laying the foundation for a metal building, Drone footage of a project in pipe creek, tx. With over a quarter century in the construction industry and nearly twenty five decades of work experience combined, VCC has proven to be a leader. Along with the overall building renovation, an impressive addition was added onto the Honors College wing to support staff offices and to house community spaces for the honors students, administration offices, classrooms, conference rooms, reception areas and a 285-seat lecture hall auditorium. The first significant challenge of the entire project was to demolish the infill building while keeping the newest, untouched part of the union open to students and staff. The school consists of masonry construction clad with both basic and decorative brick patterns.
Following energy-efficient and eco-friendly standards, the building has an HVAC system that takes in the benefits of ground temperatures through geothermal heating and cooling.
Of masonry construction, both the exterior and interior finishes are standard educational quality with brick and metal paneling on the exterior and painted block with terrazzo flooring and tile inside.
A central mechanical plant is located in the basement of one building serving the HVAC for both buildings. The construction team worked carefully around single-family homes located across the street. Existing structural masonry walls were modified to add extra sound attenuation and to make room for connecting to the addition. The construction site was surrounded by the existing auditorium and high school on two sides, which left enough space for a small staging area. The addition doubled the size of the existing library while also giving it a fresh, contemporary design. The renovation of the existing building consisted of demolition, taking the building’s interior spaces down to its structural system.
The one-story building located at STC's Starr County Campus consists of masonry construction clad with brick, steel awnings, punched windows, and a standing-seam metal roof. The electrical and fiber-optics are supported by a structured cabling system and are tied into the existing campus' data and electrical systems. Each apartment has two to four bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms, and a kitchenette along with community-shared fitness rooms, laundry facilities, game and study rooms. I liked the buying experience at Five Starr, the salesman were not pushy like other companies I talked to.They were very professional. Whether you are a farmer, rancher, or have kids involved with FFA, 4H, or livestock, we can provide you with the proper facility to house your needs. Our diverse experience and dedication to our clients sets us apart and enables us to provide excellence in construction. The bold design boasts a new two-level football operations building, indoor practice facility and premium seating for ASU fans connected to the outdoor competition stadium. Designed to blend in with the existing building, the addition is clad with new stone to match the existing traditional stone detailing and Gothic moulding details.
The 1960’s building’s renovation consisted of gutting the building and making structural modifications before rebuilding the spaces and interior finishes.

Both the 1960’s and the new infill buildings have concrete structural systems, with metal studs, and a signature stone veneer. An elegant steel pedestrian bridge connects the 1960’s building to the untouched addition via the infill building.
Natural lighting sheds into the interior spaces through a few skylights, a curtain wall, and punched windows.
Cooling costs are reduced with the light-colored plastic (TPO) roof membrane that reflects solar heat. The gymnasiums are equipped with drop-down basketball hoops and telescopic bleacher seating.
High-tech scoreboards are installed for the gymnasiums as well as for the football stadium. The fully-equipped auditorium was completely renovated with a new stage, acoustical panels, acoustical clouds, catwalk, rigging, European-imported seating, and theatrical lighting. Retaining walls and efforts to preserve the century-old oak tree were key to the site work. As such, the new interior finishes and spatial designs were best coordinated with the large addition. Specialty interior finishes consist of quartz countertops, terrazzo flooring, and custom cabinetry.
Careful attention to construction details were essential when building the terraces because rainwater needed to be diverted away from leaking into the living spaces located directly below the exposed terrace floors. The concrete floors were protected during construction to protect the delicate surfaces that were stained at the end of the project. Stalls can be built in our buildings to keep horses, pigs and any other livestock secure and sheltered. You can have us extend out your roofline to give you a covered area to keep things out of the sun, or we can build a lean to on your building to store your tractor implements or other accessories. Due to our size and nationwide footprint, we have provided only a sampling of our marquee projects from each sector. The operations building includes a state-of-the-art locker room, strength and conditioning area adjacent to the indoor practice field, sports medicine centers and players’ lounge and equipment room. The entrance space of the addition is of a notable character that includes terrazzo and natural stone flooring with finished wood columns, beams and a grand staircase. The stone veneer is composed Anamosa Limestone is a special pattern that was specially created by a famous masonry designer; therefore requiring extra attention to detail during construction. The auditorium seats 1080 people and has a full stage with professional rigging and lighting systems.
The two elevators in the building house the new energy-efficient gearless traction technology.
On site the high school regulation size athletic facilities include a race track, football stadium with bleachers, tennis courts, soccer, baseball and softball fields. Exposed concrete beams, a curtain wall, composite architectural metal wall panels, terrazzo, and wood flooring were the special exterior and interior finishes added to the project.
The glass entry protrudes from the building as a type of glass cube that allows an abundance of natural light into the interior as well as views to the exterior from within the new spaces.
Along with the interior features, a drive-thru book drop, landscaping and hardscaping were added to the site.
The classrooms are equipped with smartboards, ceiling-mounted projectors, and projection screens. The five pod and seven pod buildings, 184 total units, wrap around an outside centralized gathering space that is located within the curvature of the overall buildings’ site design.

Both the practice and the competition gymnasiums have motorized basketball hoops, and telescopic bleachers in the competition gym. In addition press boxes, a concession stand, dugouts and ticket booths support the athletics activities. The new residences have modern, updated floor plans that include 32 spacious dorm rooms, two residential advisors’ apartments, public restrooms and community rooms. A roundabout driveway makes access to the new dormitories convenient, surrounded by simple landscaping.
A wooden lamella structure was preserved from the original building and reintroduced into the new design. The main mechanical and electrical services such as the chilled water lines and the fiber-optics are tied into the existing school's systems. The children’s area consists of a story time and craft room with fun interior finishes and fanciful custom melamine trees to liven the space. The entranceway’s roof structure is an elegant, custom cantilevered structure that has variable profile dimensions and appears to float above the delicate glass structure below. The new part of the building fits into the existing building’s facade with an aluminum frame curtain wall, brick, metal panels and stucco exterior finishes. To mitigate noise, the walls have extra acoustical treatments including sound attenuation batt insulation between the lab spaces.
The 187-calendar-day schedule was achieved through the cooperative effort of designers led by the architects Lewis Elliott & Studer, Inc., of Little Rock and all of the subcontractors and vendors who accepted the challenge. The building consists of two gymnasiums, two large two-storied classroom wings, one auditorium, a large cooking kitchen, and two cafeteria areas.
The arts, music, and science laboratory classrooms have state-of-the-art finishes, furniture, and equipment. A small outdoor learning circle area, located underneath the existing oak tree, was created near the building's new entrance. In addition, the new space has public and staff restrooms, a vending machine alcove, information desk, staff offices, a technology lab and interior and exterior book drops with an automatic library sorting system.
Despite adverse weather conditions, the project was completed months ahead of schedule to the thrill of the City of Keller whose representative had this to say: “VCC has been great to work with. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992, the nature of the renovation conforms to national historic standards. The site also encompasses a baseball & softball fields, bleachers, a concession stand, parking, and playgrounds. The scope of the project includes a complete modernization of the glazing, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing with new, energy-efficient systems. The predominant exterior materials of Bateseville limestone ashlar and Bedford white limestone mouldings, both important materials for the Gothic-style building, were restored and cleaned. Rural Technology Center is an educational building with an up-scaled business office atmosphere.
From within its rural location, the center trains students with a variety of technological skills.
The building's scope consists of internet-connected classrooms, computer aided drafting labs, a graphic arts lab, a network administration lab, a web page design lab, telecommunications technology labs, and computer maintenance labs.

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