If the base for your building is not flat and level doors can drop, water can leak into your building and the panels of your building may break.
Access: you will need access to all sides of the building during construction so ensure your base is not built too closely to surrounding walls or fencing.
Treatment: You will need to treat wooden garden buildings annually so ensure you have access to all parts of the building so you can apply paint easily. Natural Light: Make sure the position you have chosen for your building offers enough natural light otherwise you may have to install a different form of lighting in your building. Electrical Supply: If you are installing your building with plans to add electricity make sure it is in the right position.
Planning Permission: If you are unsure about the planning laws in your county contact their office before purchasing a new building. You will need to ensure the ground you install your Portabase onto is level and flat otherwise your Portabase will not be level and could cause damage to your building when installed. The Pro Base is made from 100% recycles plastic composite; this material is very durable and strong enough to support a large building.
The Pro Base is delivered in a kit featuring 50cm x 50cm tiles which fit together to form a base for your building. The Pro Base kit also comes with a permeable, cut to size, membrane, which prevents weeds from growing through your sheds. A Concrete slab base is the most common type of base for a garden building; it is relatively straight forward to build but many people hire reputable builders to install the base. If you would like any more help choosing the right base for your building, or would like to discuss your building requirements, then please get in touch with our experienced and friendly, sales team. Feedback  Lads showed up as scheduled and after a great job finished in about 45 minutes. If building a log-cabin or summer house you can easily use this method to create a beautiful verandah area. The more advanced thought and planning put into your shed, the greater your long term satisfaction.
Foundation - Foundations may be made of one or a combination of the following: patio stones, pressure treated wooden beams, or concrete slabs.

Security - Make sure that your building is visible to your home or the street so that you and your neighbors can keep an eye out for intruders.
Utilities - The number and type of electrical outlets will vary depending on the purpose of the shed.
Contact us to let our shed experts discuss requirements and options so that you set up your shed properly from the beginning.
Thank you for your interest in the quality construction offered by Cardinal Buildings LLC. The Portabase is made from timber and comes in a range of sizes to suit different buildings.
The Portabase features four spikes on each corner; these spikes can be sunk into the ground offering a stable base for a building. Choose and measure the area for your Pro Base; make sure you will have good access to all sides of your building. Connect and lay your Pro Base Tiles and membrane on the levelled ground to form the base for your building. You can fill the grid with pea gravel to finish off the Pro Base; this should help water drain away too.
A slab concrete base needs to be installed in advanced to your garden building to ensure it has enough time to set properly before a building is installed on top of it; if the base is not properly set this can lead to condensation within your new garden building.
Choose a position for your shed; ensure there is enough access all around the shed before marking out this space.
You will need to build a framework of timber to support the concrete and keep it in shape while drying. You will also need to check the framework and base is completely level before spreading concrete. Spread the concrete evenly within the framework; the concrete should be proud of the framework. Decide where you want to place your building; ensure you have good access to all sides of your building. The slabs provide a solid, load-spreading foundation for the deck and keep the wooden frame clear of the damp ground.

Treat these with a couple of coats of wood preserver and hammer them in at eight inside corners around the frame.
Come into our offices to discuss or let Cardinal Buildings experts give you a free on-site consultation. This may be determined by the visual appearance of your home, the lay of your lot, access to the house and drive, as well as other factors. Metal support brackets are also delivered with the Portabase is you are installing it onto a hard surface like a patio or driveway. Using a measuring tape, string and pegs mark out the base so it is the same size as the buildings floor. If you want to face the vertical part of the step with decking, reduce the width of the frame by the thickness of the deck plank you are using. Make sure the ground slopes away from the shed site at least 10 feet in all directions.
A garden shed might benefit from an inside sink, while an outside faucet might work better for a standard utility building. If you want to base to be level you will have to excavate the top earth to a 6 inch depth to allow for the concrete. The amount and types of lighting would also vary depending on the intended use of the shed.
It's exactly as I ordered it and the quality is as good if not a bit better than I expected.
Other options for this foundation part of the job include concreting pressure-treated wooden posts in the ground at regular intervals to support the frame this is particularly useful for creating a level deck on a sloping site.
Finally, please have on-site various pieces of packing in case the fitter needs to pack any of the bearers. But we do not limit our high standards to our suppliers; we also pride ourselves on our ability to answer any question that you can throw at us (or, at least, we know who to ask to get the answer!) We invite you to call for a chat: if nothing else, it will get us away from the paperwork for a few minutes!

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