Flexible jobs are a growing segment of the job market as employers embrace the benefits for both themselves and their workers. People are naturally (and rightfully) skeptical when it comes to jobs that say you can work from home. Flexible schedule is a broad term that encompasses a lot of different workplace flexibility options.
This is definitely a confusing point of telecommuting jobs – some employers will let you work from home, provided you live in a given region of the country, state, or city.
When you work a flexible job, you probably spend less (or no) time telecommuting, which saves on gas, car maintenance, etc. The variety of flexible jobs is growing every day – there are telecommuting jobs, flexible schedule jobs, compressed workweeks, job shares, freelance jobs, part-time jobs, and any combination of those. Sara Sutton Fell is the CEO and Founder of FlexJobs, the leading, award-winning career website for telecommuting, flexible, freelance, and part-time job listings. That is entirely within the right of the employer and something that goes beyond employment type (FTE vs contract). To no one’s surprise, experts back up the supposition that sleep deficiency leads to poor decisions due to lack of attentiveness. Buxton’s team set out to observe if a shifting in the workplace would improve the quantity and the quality of the employees’ sleep. There were three phases of the study: the first data collection, occurring at the beginning of the experiment, in order to establish a baseline. The results showed that after 12 months, sleep quantity increased in the volunteers group by 8 minutes per night, on average, which amounted to nearly an extra hour per week of more sleep than the control group. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
New flexible working law comes into force today, with shared parental leave (SPL) a new legal right which allows couples to share maternity or adoption leave and pay from 5 April 2015. Under the new system, a pregnant woman will continue to have access to 52 weeks of maternity leave and 39 weeks of pay as she does currently but from 5 April, working families will have the opportunity to share this leave between them. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. To any workers who long to cut down their five-day working week to a three-day week; now is your chance. Studies show that this is what the public want – and it isn't just mums who want flexibility.
Dads want it too A rise in presenteeism But it isn't just about childcare – the Government has said it hopes the move towards flexible working will remove the "cultural assumption" that flexible working only applies to parents or carers, and make workplaces "fit for the 21st Century".
Credit: ShutterstockManagers are more likely to grant male employees’ requests for flexible work schedules, a new study published in the Journal of Social Issues reports.
The study found that managers are most likely to grant a request to men in high-status jobs in order to pursue career advancement opportunities like professional development classes, while women in the same job making the request for the exact same reason weren’t as likely to get approval. The authors also note that the results are likely a conservative look at the differences between genders when it comes to these requests, as they only studied a shift in work hours, not a reduction, which might have a greater negative impact. Most American workplaces either have no official policy on flexible scheduling or have policies that specifically protect managerial discretion in granting requests, the report notes.
More parents are requesting flexible work arrangements as they seek to balance their jobs with their families.
Current technology makes it easier than ever for people to work from home or from the road, and flexible jobs are becoming a common workplace benefit. But yes, there are actually thousands of legitimate, professional-level telecommuting jobs available in a huge variety of career categories. Flexible schedules can mean exactly that — that you are allowed to set your own schedule or hours.
This is for a number of reasons: Employers may want you in a particular state for tax reasons. While this may have been somewhat true years ago at the beginning of the flexible job trend, salaries have pretty much caught up for telecommuting or flexible jobs.
If you work a telecommuting job, youa€™re not buying work clothes or going to the dry cleaner nearly as much, and youa€™re probably eating lunch out a lot less.

Flexible jobs are a great solution for working parents, military spouses, people with disabilities, retirees, people who live in economically hard-hit regions, students, and anyone who wants more work-life balance. Sara founded FlexJobs in 2007 while she was pregnant with her first son in response to her own frustrating experience searching for flexible work that would fit with her life and growing family. There’s been a good bit of legislation in recent years and precedents vary from state-to-state. Also, the brain processes the incoming information a lot slower, causing us to misinterpret emotional or social situations. The study conducted under the name of Work, Family and Health Network followed approximately 500 employees of an IT company, half of which acted out as the control, and the other half as volunteers in the study. The second phase of interviews took place at the six months checkpoint, when researchers concluded on the variables they wanted to study and to change during the intervention. Our e-guide shows you howFrom sending emails on your smartphone to collaborating on projects across oceans, flexible working is revolutionising the way we do business.
This means that couples finding out now that they are expecting a child will be among the first parents eligible to take advantage of these new rights.
Eligible parents will be able to make use of a mixture of weeks of work and leave in the first year of their child’s life, returning to work between periods of leave if they wish. Nearly half of British men want to work flexible hours so that they can put their family first, according to a recent survey by Jobsite, and 75 per cent of all 25-34 year olds would like to request flexible working if they were given the opportunity to do so. Meanwhile, women in any job positions requesting flextime for either career development or family reasons were unlikely to be granted their requests.
Brescoll, Jennifer Glass, and Alexandra Sedlovskaya had expected to find that men would be less likely to be granted flexibility for childcare reasons, they didn’t find anything supporting that idea.
They also focused on a gender-neutral occupation, but it is likely that managerial bias would be higher in more gender segregated jobs. Half of both working mothers and fathers report that they find it difficult to balance those responsibilities.
If youa€™re considering a flexible job or just want to know more about them, here are four commonly asked questions (and their answers) about flexible jobs. The jobs you receive in your e-mail spam box, offering to pay you thousands of dollars to work from home filling out surveys or stuffing envelopes are ALWAYS scams. Or it can be a specific schedule that is considered flexible compared to traditional office hours. Or, if they want you in a certain city, they might want you to come to the office for occasional meetings or important events.
Salaries, whether hourly or yearly, are comparable to traditional jobs, and many flexible jobs offer benefits.
Today, Sara and FlexJobs are dedicated to providing job seekers an easy-to-use, safe, scam and ad-free website for finding flexible work arrangements.
Figure out that after some time, and many efforts, you open and create a market; but the employer decides to terminate the contract. According to a new health research, putting more control in the hands of the employees might decrease sleep deficiency.
Orfeu Buxton, a professor from Penn State, says that sleep deprivation is one of risk factors in miscalculating negative consequences and overrating possible rewards. Therefore, it has been associated with higher risks of car crashes, chronic illness or premature death. Second of all, the supervisors were instructed to be more supportive of the employees’ personal lives. The last one, taking place a year after the beginning of the project, was the most important one, when Buxton and his team observed the results, focusing on the changes in the quality and quantity of the employees’ sleep.
It shouldn't mean that everyone needs to work from home (though for many that might be easier during the Games and it's the perfect time to try home working) - working from home might suit some, while simply having a smartphone to work on the move can be enough for others. Workplace experts Acas are advising employers and employees to familiarise themselves with the law and has produced a free detailed guide on SPL to help prepare employers and employees for the new changes. A parent with a partner who adopts a child will have the same rights, as will intended parents in surrogacy. In fact, men in low-status jobs who asked for flextime to care for children were more likely to have their request granted than high-status men, while for women, neither their job status nor their reasons impacted managers’ decisions about whether to grant the request.

Therefore, most workers have to ask for permission, putting female employees at a disadvantage under the report’s findings.
And employer surveys show that a growing number have employees in alternative work arrangements. To find legitimate jobs, use phrases like a€?telecommute joba€? and a€?remote joba€? rather than a€?work from homea€? or a€?work at home,a€? which are most commonly used in scam job listings. If they want you in a region, it could be that they need someone to cover that territory, or they want you within a certain time zone, or within a few hours of the office for meetings. For benefits, the exception may be with freelance jobs, in which the worker is considered self-employed or an independent contractor responsible for his or her own benefits. Overall, people find they save quite a bit of money every year through workplace flexibility, which can often make up the difference in salary or benefits. Consequently, one of the main goals of the federal initiative Healthy People 2020 is to help improve sleep among the American population. The workplace flexibility did not allow employees to cut on their work hours, but encouraged them to shift between working from home, office or anywhere else. What I think is most important is to have one-on-one conversations with each member of staff about what degree of flexibility is going to make their lives easier and suit them best.
It includes a step by step guide on how eligible employees can notify their employer on their intention to take leave and advice for employers on how to deal with SPL requests fairly.
Or you may work four days a week for 10 hours each day with Fridays off (also called compressed workweeks). But overall, we find that salaries for flexible jobs are competitive with traditional jobs. Having worked in the world of online job searching since 1995, Sara is an advocate for flexible workplaces and work-life balance, and she and the entire FlexJobs team telecommute from their home offices and work flexible schedules year-round. Plus, n my case, as a writer, I have been able to work with different types of clients which I am truly enjoying.
While working the same amount of hours as the control group, all participants of the study wore a watch which checked body movements in order to monitor sleep hours. You can then match that feedback against your capabilities as a business and work together to find a solution that works for employer and employee - whether that's flexi-time, working from home or having the tools to work on the move. Previously, the law stated that only parents of children under 16 or those registered as carers were allowed to request flexible working. You should be the first one in and the last one out of the office, and if you want a promotion, you’d better be spending at least 10 hours a day at your desk. You may be able to work whatever hours work best for you – mornings, afternoons, evenings, or nights, or it may be some combination of all of these.
Hopefully the e-guide will help explain the options available a little more, and talk you through some of the considerations of implementing flexi practices and technologies from a manager's perspective.And A Mehta, thanks for your feedback - delighted that you like it!
So unless you can find a few clients willing to pay a lot, or having savings, it is tough to make a living. She spent the first few years of her working life at an events company where presenteeism was the norm.
She initially worked 13 hour days, when her role changed, she took advantage of the opportunity to leave early and pick her husband up from his 9-5 job (they only had one car between them).
She then put in a request for flexible working, and now works 60 per cent of her previous hours, which translates to three days a week, though she is flexible even with this and sometimes works full week depending on her workload.
When he requested one afternoon off a week, his company "insisted he take more time" so he now spends one full day a week at home. It’s always down to confident leadership, an environment of trust, and an assumption that things are going to work.

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