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Adds value, compliments and completes a professional presentation of every property every time. The more I thought about it (and especially after re-reading all of your comments on the A2D Facebook page about dining rooms), the more I realized that a formal dining room was a waste of space. On one of the interim plans, I had replace the large window in the den with French doors that led out to a sort of wraparound porch in the front. So with the new location, it puts the utility room closer to our bedroom (which just makes sense to me), and it creates a more direct path from the back yard, through the mud room, and to the existing bathroom.  No need for a costly addition. The thing I’m the most excited to get started working on is the entryway, and creating some definition between the entryway, the living room, and the area that was originally the dining room.
I love everything about this entryway, from the color of the hardwood floors (I’m desperately hoping that mine will end up similar to this in color), the board and batten walls, the simple baseboards and trim around the doors, the front door, and the wall color. Of course, my entryway will be wider and longer, and rather than the standard width doorway being off to the right of the entryway, I want a really large opening into the living room.
For at least two months now, I’ve had the vision in my head of what the area would look like leading from the entryway into the living room. It’s nice, and I really like it, but after having my heart set on the other design for so long, it just felt disappointing to settle for something like that. And then last night as I was clicking on links from Facebook, I came across an awesome living room before and after post from Jennifer Rizzo, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw this picture.
So I frantically scoured the post, wondering where in the world she found those amazing windows, and what the heck are they called?  And what did she use to create that look? So I headed over to the Home Depot website and found exactly what I need — this bi-fold French door. Love your posts – we’re currently renovating our house here in New Jersey and you get everything done so quickly!!! I just wanted to say that although I understand you need the mud room near the bathroom – I would definitely setup some sort of space to take your jacket off and boots – (rain storms?) even a hall tree would do!!! I’ve thought about doing something like that using four equal sized doors, 2 being fixed on the sides, and the other two hinged so I can fold them back out of the way. Finishing my comment: I would think that you would never use the front living room so I would create a doorway so that it can be used as a dining room if you decide that would work better for you.

I came across the picture of the foyer on my Houzz app and I too love EVERYTHING about that foyer! The only thing I’m just wondering about this final floor plan is the size of the closet and master bath, which look tiny and huge respectively. I’m SO glad the utility room is no longer where you wanted it at first and you get those windows to make a brighter kitchen. Right after we closed on the house, and my mom and I were discussing moving the water heater inside and closer to the bathrooms, that’s actually the first place we talked about. I would put a door from the breakfast room into the family room… maybe a pocket French door would be good for here like someone else mentioned? I actually have plans for that space (the current dining room), so it won’t be wasted space.
So proud you moved your laundry closest to the source of dirty laundry, the master bedroom. Funny story about the French Doors and I think they will be really nice in the living room area – add a lot of light and interest.
I would love to see a fireplace worked into the plan, a gas one for quick fires on a lunch hour.
I plan to add at least two fireplaces — one in the family room, and one in the living room. From your building plans or photographs, I will create affordable, quality black and white tone line or full-color renderings to help you market your property to perspective clients even before construction begins.
The Straight-on-View is a fine detailed rendering showing a front view of home with artistic shadows, all facade and roof detail complete with landscaping, lawn and trees.
The Perspective View is a fine detailed rendering showing the front and partial side view of home with artistic shadows, all facade and roof detail complete with landscaping, lawn and trees. Personalization Each note card is personalized with your client's name(s) and addresses. We accept Bank Checks and Money Orders as well as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Sadly, we’re not really a sit-on-the-front-porch-and-chat-with-neighbors society anymore. I wanted the doorway to be really large, really open, and also to include a multi-pane window on each side of the opening. In fact, just yesterday as I was watching the latest episode of Covert Affairs, I took a screenshot of this half wall design that I thought might work.

Thirty inches is way too small for comfort, and a lot of furniture will not make it through the opening.
We have a very dark family room that is against a bright sunny formal living room – wall separates them. Since 1975, I have been offering my artistic and design services to thousands of satisfied clients in the building industry. So rather than pour money into creating something like that in the front, I’d rather spend that money on creating a nice back yard, complete with a deck or two off of the house, including one off of the breakfast room. You know…kind of like a stationary French door that is actually part of the wall on either side of the opening. I decided not to do it because both those walls were load-bearing, so the work (which I could do myself), and the cost were WAY too much for the benefit (or so I thought). But that was in the first floor plan change so I guess you just don’t really need one. I look forward to your blog posts every day…There are a couple of things I was thinking but I’m not sure I will be able to describe just in words (without a sketch), so here goes! Whilst every care has been taken in producing this web pages, the owner cannot be responsible for any error or omission. The placement of the laundry room and utility room makes sense for what you have to work with and will be handy being close to the bedrooms.
They are ideal for copying and scanning to create effective and appealing advertisements and brochures. Simply supply me with a good detailed photo of the front door area showing the exact angle you wish the drawing to depict. Finished artwork shipped may involve extra shipping charges (we hand deliver whenever possible). And the front porch will simply be extended as much as it needs to be to make it easy for Matt to safely enter and exit the house.
Only I thought it was impossible because I was thinking taking a bit of the future bathroom or closet space that was currently nonexistent, and that you wanted to eventually raise the floor in the current sunroom which meant it couldn’t go there yet. This will give you a nice wide doorway with plenty of room on either side of the doorway for a run of cabinets, pantries, bookcases, whatever you have in mind.

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