Sometimes storing food can be a nightmare, especially if you are challenged by the amount of storage your home has to offer. This is when you need some creative storage inspiration to make the most of the spaceA you do have, we are thinking under the bed, floorboards and even behind curtains… this list has some fantastic ideas for everyone! Enter your email address into the form below and click "Subscribe" to receive the best of DIY Home World delivered direct to your inbox. Have you been thinking about taking the first steps to securing long term food storage for your family?
There are some adjustments that might need to be made when beginning to setup food storage for a family.
The following tips can help you see through the fog of clutter you know already exists in your home, and guide you through the task of making space you didn’t even know you had. Chests, drawers, closets, or rooms already dedicated to the storage of family items such as seasonal clothes and equipment that have not been visited in quite some time could probably be inspected.
There are a lot of spaces in a home that are left empty because they are not conventional places to put storage fixtures, being as they are hard to reach or in a difficult to manage space. Have stairs, and nothing but a couple of cabinets built into the wall under your stairwell?
If you find spaces around the house that can’t fit several rows of food storage containers, you may be able to make sense of stacking just a few buckets in, under, or behind decorative furniture or other large items. Taking the time to clean out old clutter or make the most of what little extra space you might have can mean the difference between three or four buckets of long term storage food that will last you up to 25 years!
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6- These homemade rolling cabinets the organize all the tools in the garage are a great idea! 7- Last (for this post anyway) but not least are some small space storage solutions ideas for around the house. I have wheat boxes behind my bed headboard against the wall, in a layer under my daughter’s mattress (she doesn’t have a frame or box spring), and under the TV (that layer is covered with a blanket). The food storage boxes from the church canneries (the kind that hold six #10 cans each) fit very nicely between the wall and my couches. Like I said you may not like all of these ideas and some might make you laugh  but there are some really creative ideas that will help you get the ball rolling on ideas that work for you.

So I'll show you guys how I use these in an upcoming Daily Vlog, but until then, feel free to download and use how you like!
I am glad you are enjoying making them, I hope you save the unedited ones with Olivia since they are nice to just have as family home videos.=D Plenty of cute moments to send to her grandparents and family. Thank you Whit i needed the bill chart so now my husband can keep up with whats due.Thank you again.
Perhaps you’ve been motivated by reading about the benefits of food storage, or been told by a friend how well it works for his or her family.
Of these, the very problem of storage space can discourage many of those that have a great motivation to make one.
Keep in mind that wherever spaces are planned for food storage, they should be done so in optimal conditions for storing long term storage food (dark, cool, low moisture, and low risk for infestation). If things were went through and unnecessary things disposed of, that previously used space could be freed up for use. It might be worth investing the money into turning that space under your stairs into a small storage room. For example, under your bed, behind the clothes in your closet, atop kitchen cabinets, etc.
Add to your family’s security as you add to your stockpile, and in some space-making cases, you can even add to the value of your home! Choose from Mylar pouches, #10 cans, and large buckets for filling up the space that is right for your family with delicious, nutritious, long term storage food with a long shelf life. We have cute little house that was built about a hundred years ago (literally) and even though I love it I don’t love my storage options.
Their bigger buckets are $1.00 each and are food grade since the come with frosting in them. Keep in mind that some of these things may seem extreme to you but will work great for others. I won’t add the pictures but you may find them interesting. Here is one in which she uses pillows.
I was thinking about putting something under the bed that was on a slight incline on one side. There was a 6? opening between her wall and the refrigerator and she decided to take advantage of it!  Check out thefull post for full instructions with a shopping list, wood list and full tutorial.
We took the smallest of the three, bought heavy duty shelves from Costco and ordered a Shelf Reliance storage system for our canned goods. Every piece of furniture in my living room and family room has food storage boxes behind it. Pull a dresser or couch away from the wall a couple of feet and you can fit lots of cans or buckets behind it where they won’t be seen too easily.

Also, it helps to have it laminated, with a hard laminate, so that you can write and erase on it with a dry-erase marker! Whether it’s because the size of their home does not provide plentiful space, or the already existing structures of storage are full and have been full for a long time, the vision of dedicating space to food storage can quickly become a nightmare.
Such places include the spaces in the tops of closets, against the ceiling in the garage, upper cabinet space in a laundry room, or, dare we say it, the attic! A small guest bathroom that does not get used frequently could be voted into a food storage closet. Take advantage of our customizable payment plans for starting small and comfortably bulking up at your own pace. Go to the Wal-Mart bakery and ask to buy the medium size buckets that get their frosting in.
I wash and dry them very well and then use them for things like food, lotion, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner. It may not be that realistic unless you are building or are willing to put money into a remodel. A lot of you guys liked the idea and wanted the downloadable link for the file, for your own use at home!
So I'm providing the downloadable link below, along with another chart that I created to organize my Monthly Bills!
It would improve accessibility to food storage as well as utilize the space more efficiently, especially if the opening eliminated the wasted side and overhead space.
It leaves just the perfect amount of space between the wall and the furniture — nobody would guess there was anything back there. Make a table with a board on top of a couple of cases of canned goods and cover it with a cloth. Convert that space into a large closet with a decorative outside to fill with food storage (make sure it is sealed well to keep moisture out!). I then covered them with contact paper (there are some really cute designs out there) and added a cute label. I’ve stacked 2 liter pop bottles of water horizontally between my filing cabinet and the wall. With some creativity, you might be able to find potential in other parts of your house you may have missed.

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