By Elizabeth from Ventura, CA on July 12, 2014 Is it possible for the door to be put on the opposite side? Keep in mind that wooden sheds provide a natural beauty and durability that many other construction materials just cana€™t provide. As with all of our kits, we offer FREE SHIPPING and NO SALES TAX on our lines of wooden sheds!Cedar sheds from Shed Town USA offer a highly functional, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing storage solution for any property. If youa€™re looking for an elegant storage shed solution that can beautify and add value to your property, come to Shed Town USA first. Sheds, Garden Sheds, Storage Sheds manufactured at Outdoor Living's 2.5 acre facility and shipped nationwide in kit form. Add shelving for more organization - a set of 3 shelves for our 8ft garden sheds is available. Customers who purchase one of our gazebos, sheds, playhouses and pergolas expect quality. A layer of hardwood veneer is attached to the outside frame of the shed to give it added strength and protection. The prefabricated components are constructed from top grade lumber and construction materials. They are strong enough to handle damaging rain, wind, snow, hail and flying debris, yet elegant, classy and aesthetically fitting such that they seamlessly blends with nearly any residence or landscaping design.

Our cedar sheds are ideal for any purpose including gardening, storing lawn maintenance equipment and storing pool accessories. Determine your needs, decide on the style and quality, and make sure the project fits your budget. Cedar is an all-weather wood that can withstand decades of harsh weather conditions, including icy winters, wet springs, and hot, sunny summers.
Cedar brings natural beauty and durability to outdoor storage sheds, allowing them to become an attractive focal point in your backyard rather than an eyesore to be hidden from view. No dangerous or time consuming cutting is required in the assembly of this shed which comes with a lawyer of tempered hardboard veneer on the outside for added strength and protection.
By Dawn - Elite Deals Product Specialist on July 14, 2014Answer:According to the manufacturer, the doors can be placed on either 8ft end.
The siding material featured on our wooden sheds is resists to insects, decay and delamination.
These factors are what make wood an ideal material for the outdoor storage solution that youa€™re looking for. Additionally, being a wooden structure, cedar sheds offer an ideal substrate for paint or stain, allowing you to build a custom color scheme that fits your current landscape and color palette. At Outdoor Living Today we manufacture several high quality styles of shed kits using Western Red Cedar.

It can be stained or painted to complement your existing home decor, and it is naturally resistant to mildew, rot, and insects, making it virtually worry-free. It is modular that way.By Gail from Blaine, WA on January 1, 2015 What kind of foundation is the best to put under this 8 x 12 garden shed and greenhouse? The steel hardware featured on our sheds is completely Powder-coated for beauty and longevity.
Shed includes: 2 Functional windows with screens, 6 Fixed Side Windows, 31" Wide Functional Dutch Door, "L" Shaped Full Wall Workbench.
All of these features culminate to allow wooden sheds to provide you with an outdoor storage solution that is attractive and long lasting. All of our shed kits come pre-drilled and are perfectly applicable for use as a backyard storage shed, barn or wooden playhouse.
Lastly, all of our kits come complete with illustrated Step by step instructions that makes constructing our prefabricated wooden sheds easy to assemble!

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