SDS Plans is one such site, which in addition to having hundreds of plans for houses, has plans for both garages with workshops and garages with living space from which you can get ideas to design your own garage. Your FREE 2 car Storage Truss Garage Plan will include the building details for a garage that looks like this.. Attictruss Garage Plans by Behm Design, IRC code using conventional construction, framed roof or manufactured attic-trusses.
If you are planning to put up a garage to your home, then you should know for one thing, you need to get some proper garage plans.

Plan, price and build a new garage in your yard with the help of free, instant-download blueprints and building material lists.
Attic storage, gambrel, and attic loft truss profiles are becoming popular due to the economy of structure. For a very limited time Western Garage Builders is offering our 2 Car Storage Truss Garage plan absolutely free. Western Garage Builders, has three classic styles of garages with hundreds of different options to choose from.

More of a garage type, but a good place to start You can order the detail plans and DVD online or use the free 3D model available.

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