Pink Electric Hoverboard Self Balancing Wheel With Bluetooth Electric Scooters are an environmentally friendly and versatile choice for any number of riding needs.
The large wheels make it easier to get around sites & onto the truck, plus the extension rollers all fold into a neat package. I've also seen a few plywood set-ups that are pretty decent, I had one for a while, but it was just too heavy & cumbersome, and I like everything I have now to have wheels, I'm too old to carry stuff around.
Every home is different, and some parts of America build in different styles, so this is generic but should work for most.

Look for indentations from the drywall screws, you may be able to locate one or two and measure from there. Once you've located one, measure the 16" or 24" on center (they will be marked on your tape) and test with a nail. Modern homes use 2x4 at 16" on center walls, but they can be at 2x6 at 24" on center as well. Real time tracking by CellLocate, location based on cellular network, users are able to track in Building, Underground and Garage etc.

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