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I can see how SketchUp Pro with the bundled presentation building software, Google Layout, would be a real time saver and would really improve the final output. Comes with detailed normal maps, diffuse map and specular map textures (4096x4096).Originally modeled in 3ds Max 8. I have sent it along to my uncle for review.Regarding the bed… have you planned some kind of flip-down wall-storage or something?
I know you said that you left hardware information out of your design so far but one thing that you might want to add that can be wood is some plywood gussets at the peak of your roof rafters.
I really like your design, but I’m wondering, for people who are building somewhere other than where the house will end up, can a house this tall be transported?

Here in Florida, the shed people have to keep their roofs heights low, because the law limits to overall transport height on the road. An interesting modification would be a collapsible peak, that could be folded for moving, and popped up on site. In other words constructive critique is welcome, destructive mean-spirited judgements are not permitted.

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