Food shelters become centers of interest in proportion to the number of birds attracted to them.
Suet, scraps of meat and various vegetable scraps, such as celery, lettuce, apples, raisins, and the berries of various bushes, are relished. House Plans & Home Plans, Garage Plans, Duplex and Multiplex Plans, Deck and Shed Plans. PlanHouse – Your perfect house plans is in our stock house plan library built from designers all across the United States. It has glass on all sides, and is open at the bottom so that birds can enter or leave at will. Finally, when the ground is snow covered, many birds appreciate a supply of sand and finely ground poultry grit.

It is great to settle down from your normal routine in a house built of natural milled logs to get you back to basics and in tune. We feature cottage plans, luxury plans, Craftsman plans, small house plans, bungalow plans, farmhouse. Bread crusts or crackers may be placed in the food shelter with the knowledge that the birds will eat them. The World's TOP Architects online collection of over 27,000 Residential Architectural home plans. Download Free Woodworking Plans and build this Wren and Blue Jay House compliments of your woodworking friends at Shopsmith . If you are buying seeds, get hemp, millet, canary seeds or sunflower seeds, together with the small grains and cracked corn for foods.

Follow this diagram to make a food shelter house that will be used for all kinds of birds year round.
Free bird house plans, bird feeder plans, birdhouse quilt patterns and more free bird house crafts.
My Woodworker's Supply~Finest woodworking supplies, wooden boat plans, bunk bed plans, bird house plans, wooden toy plans, Grizzly tools & much more!

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