When dry, apply Folk Art Antiquing medium or stain to the roosters, wiping it into the dried paint until you achieve your antique looking color.
6 great seamless tile wood pattern background to give that natural and classic look to your designs. CNC Applications -- Plasma Cutting -- Stained Glass -- Gourd Carving -- Egg Carving -- And Many Many More! When I began the drawing for this burning I marked the hair by defining those clumps and clusters of hair. My first stage of burning on the face is at a medium heat setting to establish the darkest areas of the fur clumps.
In the second stage of burning I have strengthened the first stage by darkening the shadows were the clumps tuck under each other. I have added the darkness to the eyes, nostrils, mouth line and the dark color spot on the right side of her neck. Because I am working the fur clumps in stages each clump will eventually develop very dark areas, medium tone areas and pale highlights before the individual hairs are added to the wood burning.

At this point the burning has definite shadows for each clump of hair, dramatically dark areas in the ears, eyes and nostrils, plus very pale areas along the nose ridge and left eye brow.
In the shadow areas and medium color area I have begun to add individual hairs by burning thin fine lines that flow in the direction of that hair clump.
As you work the hair lines turn your project so that you are in a comfortable position to pull the stroke smoothly towards you. You can use a very fine v-gouge carving tool to cut fine white lines into the darkest areas of a burning. Cross patterns are also available in small sizes that would be great for a necklace or brooch.
You may use them for graphic design, web design, Photoshop art, 3d rendering, or even a basic desktop background. You may not sell or claim ownership of Unmodified images or textures, individual or in packs. We took great pride in making those tileable wood textures seamless and hope they will come in handy for you.

Those areas are where the fur is tucked under another clump of hair or where you can see down to the skin area. You can customize these shapes with editing software to increase or decrease the size to fit your project requirements.
Make an assortment of styles and sizes of crosses, as well as use various woods for a selection that will suit everyone.
After hearts are dry, use a fine brush to paint the lines in the heart with Christmas Green. You should try this Related Freebies Here is a pack including 5 JPG geometric high resolution backgrounds (2500×2500 px) and the original AI file.

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