Complete the short Request Form at right and we'll send you a FREE Fact Kit which includes a half-hour TV Show, "Sawdust Therapy" that is fun and entertaining to watch. Getting the birds to flock to your home is a lot easier when you provide them with elegant, low- cost bird houses that appeal to their needs.
This elegant, generous-sized Cheval Mirror swivels on two turned pins to adjust for the perfect, full-length view, no matter where the viewer stands or how tall he or she may be. Here are two houses you can build (by yourself or with the help of your teenagers) that will attract Wrens and Blue Jays to your yard. Because of their willingness to adapt to both rural and city life, they're also easy to attract.

In fact, you can make four of these attractive little houses from a single, 8-foot 1" x 6" piece of lumber.
Blue jay bird house plan woodworking plans free bird house woodworking plans Woodworking plans for birdhouses. Switch your MARK V to Horizontal Boring mode and drill the dowel holes in the legs and the stretcher (See Fig.
Use your Bandsaw to cut the contour on the top rail, then dry assemble the frame and base assembly. While you're at it, why not build some extras to give as gifts to your friends, family and neighbors?

Before turning, use your drill press to drill dowel holes in the spindle stock for attaching the legs and stretcher, along with the pivot pin holes. Next, sand the turned spindles smooth and apply masking tape to the areas where the legs and stretcher will be glued to them and apply your finish to them before you remove them from the lathe, then turn the pivot pins in the same manner to the exact dimensions given in the drawings. These O-Rings will supply the friction to keep the mirror positioned where you want it when tilted.

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