Einstein19 built this home Tardis shed and matching dalek ten years ago, but only recently published it on Tardisbuilders*. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, embarking on a new phase of his campaign after it became impossible to beat Donald Trump in the first round of voting at this summer’s Republican convention, is to name Carly Fiorina as his running mate.
An Apple employee was found dead in a conference room at One Infinite Loop in Cupertino on Wednesday morning.
In the world of app development, there’s no greater arena to find success than with Android users. Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. If Maker Faire ever comes to your city, grab some video game addicted youth and show them the real world. It's difficult to explain what this guy's goals are in building this "shed", but the thread about it on a Canadian motorcycle forum it is hilarious. The thread is long so if you don't want to read all the hilarious replies, just scroll through each page for photo updates and a few time-lapse videos. E to M'a (wearing y'days dress with no complaints); me to london to pick up D from J at Royal Academy.
Then back to J+A's new place, where two awnings and a bouncy castle have been crowded into their back garden which has - ta-da - a shed in it that is really a room. And all proceeds happily, with DE both playing to their fullest, E climbing the 4-i-a-r set to put disks in.
Its such a hot day that its hard to bear to go out: Ma and D go to collect more corn (we have ground what D collected with M+J, using the coffee grinder (disassembled and washed) when the pestle was clearly not good enough) returning in the heat of the noonday sun. Coffee after lunch and Ma decides not to take D to the ride-on trains as its too hot for her: since D is inside melting on the sofa this seems sensible, more sensible than I would have been.
At 3, I've got my plans together and finalised, and beams counted off, and girded up my loins, and am off to B+Q to buy bits to make new shed. After peering at things in the gloaming I go back for the bike light to hold in my teeth (drool): M is at her mails. Another sunny-but-pleasant day, the intense heat is fading but the fine rainless days remain. Time to go: just before, check down garden that shed frame still stands (yes) and refind the 5mm drill, good.
Heading down garden to work on shed when M (and D)'s tidying phase hits stuff that should be on the shelf-that-isn't-there under the stairs so turn round and that becomes the days (successful) project. Then: mow back lawns quickly (ooh they are in a state, fortunately it hasn't rained for so long that they don't grow much). Later: off with DE to allot and then put, and D points out stuff that E had thrown out of window while they were on the bed earlier (after basin episode). Wiki till 9:30 sorting out the satellite temperature record to some extent, while M bathes.
Ma phones: she is off on hols with RNLT, and would like to know how to get to us afterwards.
So: in the interims of that, D and I collect grapes and squish them in the blender and sieve and make 2 glasses of grape juice. D and E in the chair-hammock (which replaces the hammock, which is badly worn): I video them happy; they jump out, and dance, and D moons at me! Leave mill 3+; there 5- (via some lanes with hedges towering 20' above us & v def 1 car wide only just wide enough for 1.
Encouraged by example of a teenager, I dare the sea: & once I'm in & have done 100 strokes, its fine. 6: back round to main beach, to find our sandcastle somewhat reduced in height but the main pile still there.
More digging: a huge canal system to divert main stream into someone else's dam, in an effort to burst it. Cross river with M about 6 easily; sit a while on jetty watching wading birds (inc heron again) & sunlight on water. It's a magnificent piece -- I only wish I could access the Tardisbuilder forum where it appears, as I'd love to see the interior!
If anyone at the town gives me a hard time about the tree house, I'll just show them that I could have built this.

Ma is there; sit with her in the hot hot sun playing with the fountains & trying to read J's mess on her mobile. Perfect evening; no wind, clear sky, red sun sinking as we chug (except the engine doesn't really chug, its quieter than most boats) out of town, disturbed occaisionally by incompetent sculls needing to be warned off.
Get there decently in time this time, with our pot of fresh-poured honey and a little wooden toy I bought in the German Toy Shop yesterday. But, finally we must go, at about 8, saying goodbye to pat, and J+A of course, and very large baby Joseph, and Andrew, Jill, Stephen and Georgina (who didn't want to be photographed). Sunlight is pouring in (the vine is a very effective sunshield at midday but not at 8) but its cool inside. But its calming down: Wilco *is* sane, just a little over-enthusiastic in his skepticism at first. M had planned (or rather, intended) some kind of outing to C for the day, but with E's lunchtime sleep that doesn't come off. Phone Croyden, but then remember that M+J have taken her home; phone Marcham but no one answers.
Look in Borders for "what jigswa" mag but no; read about boatbuilders in Goa surviving on almost no tools. Then its time to do the re-tiling of the bathroom sink, which I do, only breaking one tile. Then E (who is getting screechy) goes up to sleep (it didn't take her long to wind me up on getting back, though she *is* cute). A bit of a change from the days of heading off somewhere for the bank hol weekend to go climbing. M takes ED back up for lunch by car: we haven't yet mastered the art of packing for a whole day at the beach. S has narrow lanes & only a short-stay car park (later: discover exists a long-, somewhere), we having spurned the p&r. A motorised landing stage takes us out to the ferry, there being no jetty: or rather, takes the others as I video, & I wade after up to the crotch.
Then he is keen to have a go on his bike & does well: manages to start himself off & go for 3 (of my) paces. Main stage for baobab (meet Andrea) but they disappoint (just not my thing), as do McCusker & Cunningham (meet up with A+S). Quick go down steam-models gallery then look at printing press, then we're down to the basement (garden) where D is building a car. But past the lock (D heaven, except A+S are a touch paranoid about safety) there are no more boats. Some rotter has bought the book I was reading (Gardens of the Moon, I think, by someone Erik.
Stetchworth church is as before, old, pleasant, in need of whitewash and perhaps more; and the vicar still doesn't want piccies during the service. Then fill and label 4 jars of honey to take to S tomorrow - he may sell them through his box scheme, would be good.
Then off to Simon with the bees (S's last (2!) lots died in mysterious circs (spraying?) so give him one of mine - leaning - which is fine as I really have too many - 4, in you include JJ's).
I have to check the state of the plots according to Dots list; difficult because none have markers.
While MED away, the piles of mess haven't grown and have slowly shrunk *and things I've put down have stayed there*. D and I go play with the shed & I let him have the plastic spirit level that came with the jigsaw: its better than his BtB kit one, which had plastic beads instead. We start cutting out more of the Thonier-Dundee, which has seen no progress for a while, and realise we're out of paper glue: town is called for. Then Gap for some clothes with him, that end up meeting M's standards: a jumper with zip-up neck (blue) and trousers (plain, light green).
Stiddicombe wood is pleasant (in fact this side is poss better than other) & we decide to follow path not forge our way by the waters edge. D & J turn up after 15 mins: I hide behind Sir J Reynolds to throw water on D but he has seen me.
One odd thing (as S points out) is that there are few mooring places; but we get to our appointed place to eat, and have to moor 2 deep to a German family in "fox cub".

D sad that I did the extracting while he was away: explain necessity and that I will do more later in year. Sit around with coffee after shower and pick up blackb's off the carpet :-( Tidy somewhat (both) and sweep patio. D won't bouncy - its too hot he says and indeed he looks it - but plays with the large 4-in-a-row-set (but not 4-in-a-r) and the big jenga blocks. Then thresh the new corn fighting off help from E, who spends most of the day (possibly all day) naked. E insists on one chair & won't slouch on the sofa, though at one point she falls off chair due to sleep.
D has brough back a caterpillar in a jar but not a chemistry set: that must still be at M+J's. Get second diagonal in; spend a long time fussing over the squareness and end up putting in temporary "length" tie-beams. Perhaps 6, and a little more from mess with the uncappings, which are melting away in the oven now. They have brought dinner in exchange for bed (quiche and oven chips, which M gamely cooks, though the chips take awhile, and I munch on some lovely-looking super-mouldy cheese). Ann does much of the baptism, which all goes OK except she forgets to send us back to our places.
Which leasds to: D (to small child who had been building something, who he has just stolen jenga block from): 'tough!
I discover cucumber on the vine in the flower bed by the cut-down leylandii: I have decided I like growing cucumbers.
Firstly photo it from a few angles for old times sake and to prove that the new one is no bigger if needed.
So apart from eating, and just a little rest with coffee and "ancient light", I spend much of the time between perhaps 11 and 6 doing this, though that includes a visit to B+Q with D to buy plywood for the shelf, screws, and stuff. Suddenly the mill race starts going and the wheel starts turning, slowly, reluctantly (we later find out that water is low and barely adequate to turn it). While M changes E & D puts on clothes I walk on beach down ramp from beachfront - pebbles; tide just going down from full.
The rest of the day I am semi-functional, not rising till 10 and skipping lunch (indeed all food bar a little yoghurt and one lettuce leaf and a small carrot) in favour of sleep by the fire. When I try connecting the drill to the spindle tihs is allowed briefly but D says its cheating: the point is to have fun milling it.
Still I do manage to talk to M+J somewhat, mostly about baby things strangely enough since Marion is in the process of having one, she has reached 6 months so far, and they have just finished their "last" holiday. Anyway, when there find that I need to guesstimate what I need: making up quantities from a plan is a skill I don't properly possess.
Which is not much for the basic frame and half the roof of a shed of these magesterial dimensions. Then children become older then leave; tidying continues at same rate but now achieves tidyness.
Walk back, bed E, v quick lunch, then Andy comes to pick up D to take him swimming at school pool. I explain about sedimentary rocks to D, forming over millions of y: 'what, even older than gt-grandma?' sez D (is he joking). Roughly level ground and decide I can get away with a "test assembly" and worry about the tedious task of properly clearing the ground some other time. Finish up by watching some boats go through the lock, then wandering round the nearby campsite: mostly caravan club but a few tents. Anyway, as the last act in the club tent on the last night it was superb and the audience went wild.
D instantly ashamed, I'm annoyed (not least with myself, since I should not have let him be touching it).

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