The 3D rendering above for this two car garage addition does an excellent job of showing you how a home addition like this is constructed. Fill out the form below to use our Automated Contractor Locating Service for a list of well known local Garage Builders. This 2 story home extension package is designed to enlarge a colonial (two story home) by adding a 24' x 16' two story home extension.
On the first floor we deranged a spacious 384 square foot Family Room with beautiful oak flooring.
This 2 Story home extension is a popular option for people who have Colonial styled homes.
This home extension can also be adapted to the following home styles: Capes, Victorian, Farmhouses, and Saltbox homes. Pro Tip: Use our automated contractor locating service to find out which room addition builders are worth calling in your local area. Let's face it, we all enjoy single level living because it's much more convenient than walking up and down stairs, especially if you have to carry things like a heavy laundry basket. The Birchwood Ranch has everything you need, from a spacious 12' x 12' Kitchen that's open to the 11' x 12' dining room, to the gigantic 20' x 12' Living Room which is just perfect for entertaining. There's a total of three bedrooms on the first floor, but don't forget that you can customize this plan with a full basement, if you want the extra storage space or possible living space. Just fill out the form below to get in touch with our hand picked list of home builders for a custom estimate based on our House Plans and your specifications. From each of these garage designs, Absolute Garage Builders can create custom garage plans to meet your needs. An addition built over an existing garage is a popular way to gain extra room in your house. A master suite addition is a very as building over a garage only if you plan to stay put for at least three to five years. We can provide two-story room additions, with a master bedroom suite and even over basements.

Garage plans, garage kits, garage plan, apartment garage, Topsider's garage kits make the perfect stand alone or attached garage addition. Garage plans remodeling information - garagehowto, Garage plans and remodeling information for a garage apartment or guest house, workshop or home office, starter home, recreation center or your cars. Garage designs plans - miller garages, Garage designs plans - balloon, -joist, gable, reverse gable, hip.
Garage Plans for building a detached garage or apartment are a great way to add value extra living space, or storage to your home.
Large garage plans with 4 bays or more offer additional space for storage, workshop, or the family toys.
A grand collection of two-car garage plans from the leading garage plan designers in the US. Build a 1 car garage with our simple step-by-step instruction and save hundreds in design fees.
This is perfect for a home that already has two usable floors, but without the additional square footage or rooms you really need right now. The cost below was factored with the extension of the existing HVAC ductwork for the heating and cooling system and a crawl space foundation. The peaceful 13' x 12' Master Suite is the perfect size and because it is a true master, it has an en suite master bathroom within a short stroll from your bed.
As one of Chicagos most experienced and versatile garage builders, Absolute Garage Builders has the know-how to make every garage unique and suited to meet each customer’s unique needs.
Build up instead of out: Add your master suite on top of ground floor space—over a porch, garage, or previous addition. Read all about 1 car garage plans to 2 and 3 car garage plans, watch videos and subscribe to the blog. We offer plans for 3 or more cars and even RVs, so buy one of our garage building plans today.
This master suite features a large bedroom with oak hardwood flooring and a spacious master bath.

Your current home must be assessed by a professional to get a true estimate based on what your current home mechanicals can or can't handle.
The Second Bedroom is 12' x 10 which is still a very good size, and the last 9' x 9' Bedroom can be also used as a nursery or a front office. Absolute Garage Builders starts planning your custom garage with one of five types of garage designs, based on the roof type or the garage construction materials. The master bath includes all the features you need; a shower, a whirlpool bath, a double-vanity sink with cultured marble top and of course a walk-in closet. Overall this home addition plan gives you all the details and a great starting point to plan your project.
I guess you have to get a lot of consideration before you are choosing the design for your house. You have to get the design of the house to be suitable for you and for everything you want to put in. You have to get the design to be well designed.There are lots of things you can do to make your house great and awesome. If you decide to have a garage, you have to get the garage to be suitable for your vehicles.You have to get the garage that can be a good place to keep all vehicles you have. I mean, you do not have a vehicle anymore and want to get the garage to be detached from your house.
I guess you have to choose the right design that can make your house to be the well designed house with no garage.

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