Garage Conversions planning and Garage Conversion regulations, Just Garage Conversions offer Garage Conversions in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. Approximately 80% of the conversions we complete do not require local authority planning permission. Ever thought about clearing out the junk in your garage and converting it into something useful? Planning permission is not usually required, providing the work is internal and does not involve enlarging the building. This article looks at garage conversions, reasons to convert, suggested uses for suitability of this option depends on your intentions for the garage.
The conversion of a garage into a room may require planning permission, whether the garage is integral with the house or detached. Garage Conversions are a great way to add Living Space to Your Home and can be a relatively simple project, but where to start?
By converting your garage you can easily add an extra 200 to 400 square feet of living space to your home. When planning a garage conversion you should consider a few things first before moving forward with the conversion. It is always a good idea to first check with your local building inspector to check if there are any structural or area issues that will conflict with you converting your garage into living space. Garage floors are often very cold, they often are built using an un-insulated concrete pad, they are also quite often built with a slope so water will run towards the garage door. Many people convert their garage into a bathroom, kitchen or wet bar in these cases it is important to consider your options with regards to plumbing.
Once you have designed the floor plan for you Garage conversion go through with your plumber and mark the area the concrete will need to be cut away. When building your Garage conversion you may want to frame in the existing garage door openings.

Remember, if you are framing in the garage door opening, you need to build up the base of the openings first with either concrete or concrete blocks to the same height of the foundation walls.
You may have air ducts, pipes or other obstructions in your garage, you can get these removed but that can be costly and time consuming. If you want more help on planning your Garage conversion, speak to John Davidson, Master Craftsman at Davidson Design and Build the Staffordshire builders you can trust. Detailed Planning received instructions from a client for this three-bedroom property.  The previous architect’s planning had been refused and urgently required a new design and proposal to be completed and approved. The property was in need of full renovation, including both gardens front and back and new windows throughout. For the interior, we designed the first floor layout to allow for three large spacious bedrooms with one en suite and a family bathroom, a loft conversion comprising of a fourth bedroom with further en suite and three roof lights. The old dilapidated garage has been demolished.   A beautiful new garden room has been constructed in its place, which can be used for a home office, social occasions and a place to escape………….
The complete home refurbishment was carried out to an excellent standard throughout with a very high quality finish and is now ready for rental.  A clever design has transformed this unloved and neglected house to a dream home. Our experience includes many building types including residential, public and urban design projects. A lot of garages are converted into home studies, bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms, depending on the size and position to your house. For example, your local building regulations may have different requirements for living areas and garages so additional structural work to comply with this may be necessary.If you can try to talk to your building inspector before completing your garage conversion plan and hiring your builders. Both of these common issues will need to be addressed if you turn your garage into a living space.
As mentioned before most garage floors are made from concrete, this will limit your options for plumbing, one option I mentioned above is raising and levelling the garage floor enough to hold the pipes.
This is a difficult job that can be very dusty and messy as well as needing a lot of hard labour but it the end you will get a much better result that will last longer.

Garage conversions are one of the simplest, cheapest ways to increase the size of your home – find out whether you need planning permission to convert your garage here. Most Garages are easy to convert as they already have a foundation and string exterior walls and a roof so modifying this is a lot easier than building a new extension from scratch.
As you will have to pull permits for your Garage conversion anyway it will be easier if you find out up front of any code restrictions or issues before submitting your plans. As many garage floors need levelling any way this may seem like a cheaper option, but talk to your plumber before choosing this options and if your Garage ceiling is not high enough it may not work. If you speak to your Plumber and Builder they can help you work out a suitable layout for your bathroom or kitchen. Make sure you remove everything from the garage as cutting concrete is a messy job, but your builder can help you do this.
I would recommend this for a living area anyway to make it more cosy and cut down on heating bills later. This is a cheaper and less time consuming option than cutting door frames and windows into existing walls.
If you can it is better to box in a number of obstructions with a large box rather than having lots of small boxed in areas, this will look a lot better, as lots of small boxed up areas chops up the space and looks odd. Our creative process tailored to our clients needs allows us to produce innovative architecture at all scales. You should look at the rooms near the garage and the existing drain pipes within the main house to cut down on concrete cutting.

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