For cold weather conditions in a garage down to 34 ? (1 ?), it is recommended to install an inexpensive Garage Refrigerator Kit.
This Garage Fridge Kit is designed to work with top-mount models (freezer on top) manufactured since 2001. When using a refrigerator in an uninsulated garage where freezing temperatures are experienced, you may also need a band crankcase heater on the compressor for proper operation.
The heater pad will heat around the thermostat, inside the control housing only.  Because of this, the compressor will stay on for a longer duration to cool the refrigerator, and the freezer will be cooler as well.
Be cautious when working on any electrical items and ALWAYS have the power OFF before you touch anything. First step is to unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet.  Use an external light source so you can see what you are doing during this procedure.

The orange and black wiring from the kit, will have a piggy-backed connector on it.  Remove the orange and black wires from the thermostat and place the wires on the heater connectors, orange-to-orange and black-to-black.
Frigidaire 5303918301 garage kit refrigerator - Frigidaire frigidaire 5303918301 garage refrigerator heater kit from the manufacturer frigidaire 5303918301 garage kit for refrigerator.
If you are uncomfortable working with electrical items or the upgrade recommended, please contact your local service provider for assistance. Be cautious of sharp edges that may be present inside the appliance that could cut or injure yourself or others. It seems this is the only kit available on the market, however it may be adaptable to other brands as well.
The compressor is not designed to run with liquid in it and can only pump and compress a gas.

The kit includes a small heater with adhesive backing that when installed tricks the thermostat into running your compressor so your freezer items stay frozen.
Adding a crankcase heater will make sure the freon remains a gas in the compressor and it can run anytime.

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