The Omni Track garage organizer is a great and affordable way to utilize the spaces in your garage that might otherwise be wasted. It’s an efficient and economical solution for spaces above a washer and dryer, over a workbench, between cabinets or covering an entire wall.
I confirm this is a personal project inquiry and not a promotional message or solicitation. Foundation Armor manufactures premium concrete sealers that are designed to waterproof, strengthen, and protect concrete and masonry surfaces. Manufacturer of penetrating, wet look, and high gloss sealers for interior and exterior concrete, stamped concrete, pavers, brick, and masonry.

It’s constructed from ridged aluminum alloy with an anodized finish, making it a stronger and more attractive alternative to the traditional pegboard system. It will safely store your items, keeping them off the floor and your garage free of safety hazards. The workbench kit comes with everything you need to effectively store all of your most frequently used items. The nearly unlimited accessories, hooks, bins and kits let you configure your space however you want. Use the attachable bins, available in three different sizes, to store small tools, lose items, nails and screws.

Other kits include the Ready Pack Sports kit, the Lawn and Garden kit and the Craft Bench kit. There are hooks for everything from storage baskets, to bicycles to a dispenser that hold’s your paper towels.

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