Richmond County sheriff’s officers were called Tuesday to fend off crowds outside of Laney Supermarket hoping to make off with merchandise that had been set out during an eviction.
Nonperishable groceries once destined for the Richmond County landfill after a Laney-Walker grocery store in Augusta was evicted Tuesday are heading to the Golden Harvest Food Bank. Golden Harvest’s executive director, Travis McNeal, said Wednesday the groceries filled two trash bins and were stored overnight at a warehouse of Thompson Building and Wrecking, the company hired by the property owner for disposal.
Hiram Thompson, the president of Thompson Building and Wrecking, called Golden Harvest on Wednesday morning, McNeal said. If you are logging in for the first time after June 29, 2015, you will need to create a new account.

Now people can store their cars, motorcycles, boats or other items with temporary or permanent garages made by Blue Ribbon Renovations.
Blue Ribbon Renovations has sourced for instant all weather portable strong garages and portable carport building kits.
With your help, we will provide a friendly, safe, easy to use place on the Web for everyone in the area to share not only opinions but also information of community interest. These garages and strong carports have been designed for all weather instant storage protection to protect your investments. Our product has been used for storage sheds for equipment, tractors, tools, sand and salt piles, and more.

Portable structures are better than permanent structures as they offer significant savings.

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