I rented for a really long time (probably longer than I should’ve), and one thing I absolutely hated about renting was that my car was always out in the elements, which meant in the unforgiving Texas summers, the inside of my car was always insanely hot. When we moved in, the garage was completely empty save for a single bookshelf full of some paint cans and such, which I’ve come to appreciate.
Presently, the garage is in pretty good shape, but I have run out of organized places to put things. My inner OCD voice is telling me that the garage is messy and in need of some attention even though the pictures seem to suggest that it’s relatively orderly.

This is a much more ambitious home improvement project than my last one but hopefully it is about the same degree of difficulty. I will probably talk about the plans for the storage and workbench in my next blog on this topic. I lived in places that had covered parking, which was nice, but one of the things I always longed for was a garage.
Because the last home improvement project we tackled turned out pretty well, I’m excited to tackle the garage.

I’ve been brainstorming some ideas on how I can really improve the garage and hopefully add some value to the house. I’ve seen a ton of do-it-yourself shows and articles about making your own concrete countertops or tables.

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