Professional Design – Great Lakes Garage offers you expert layout and design services. Great Lakes Garage™ is currently seeking qualified people to sell and install our unique garage storage products.
Picture Of Garage Storage Shelves Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Determine what activities will take place in your garage before you begin to plan the layout. Once you have listed the different items you will keep in your garage, you can create a practical plan for each zone within your space.
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It’s time to get your garage safe and organized with Monkey Bars Garage Storage System, the most versatile garage storage system available in Saskatoon. Shelves You Can Trust – Our shelves are guaranteed to hold up to 1000 pounds every four feet and are made from high-grade heavy-duty steel with a powder-coated finish.
Made for YOUR Garage – Not all garages are the same, and that is why each of our Monkey Bars Systems is built right on site to make sure that your storage needs are met. We know that because of the winter that lasts for half the year in Saskatoon, it is important to have garage storage that is organized in the least amount of space so you have room to keep your car warm inside. Monkey Bars Garage Systems was sought out as the solution for multiple projects on the popular TV Show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Property Brothers.
Peg boards are a great solution because you can easily rearrange and reorganize without needing to drill more holes into the walls. We'll review your storage requirements, measure the available space, and come up with a workable plan for you.

Ask Us, We'll review your needs, Take some measurements, Discuss your budget, And provide you with a custom layout & design for your garage. Your garage will include a laundry area, but will it also store sports equipment, garden supplies, holiday decor? This will hold your extra cleaning supplies and possibly paper towels and toilet paper if you buy it in bulk.
Have fun and remember, a little build-out and preplanning will make using your new-found space much more enjoyable. Based on this, it is important that prior to this period, you have to properly organize your winter garage so that nothing will be out of place when needed.
The Monkey Bar Storage system has the ability to be rearranged and will meet your storage needs now, and in the future. We don’t have a ton of extra space, so we need to maximize every available inch for things like gardening tools, seasonal items and bikes. Feel free to share content or images from Burritos and Bubbly, but ALWAYS include proper credit and link back to the original post. We're open to your opinions, but any comment that we find inappropriate will be removed at our discretion -- including but not limited to spam, offensive language, self-promotion or being mean.
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Gardening supplies and lawnmower should be towards the front or side of the garage to keep the dirt toward the outer perimeter and away from the laundry zone. Consider adding more shelving in the areas that have empty wall space or above the garage door. A quick-release rappel cleat (found at any outdoor store) will quickly attach or release the bike from the rope. If there is extra space, consider adding a thin rolling shelf between the machines for everyday detergents and fabric softener.

When your garage is fully organized, it makes it possible for you to efficiently and easily carry out your chores without spending valuable time looking for one tool or the other. If you ever notice an image that we didn't properly credit, please let us know so we can fix it right away! I need to do laundry and park my car and would like it to be functional and easy to keep tidy. Sectionalize your smaller items within the larger bins with ziplock baggies and smaller shoebox size bins. Buy the tallest available cabinets or shelves to totally optimize the space along that wall. This storage area works well for large items like skis, extra lumber and building supplies. It is not mostly a DIY project since deep garage shelving will be needed if you have winter sports equipment which are usually bulky and will not fit into everyday shelves. If you still have overhead space after installing these cabinets, consider running another shelf above to hold holiday boxes or tax archives. By the time you have stacked three of these bins on top of each other, you have a convenient waist-high workstation.
For more effectiveness, a dedicated sports gear closet can also be designed within the interiors of the garage which comes in the form of open storage so that the sports items can be easily unloaded from the car to the storage. Also, when you hang your tools, it helps to prolong their lifespan since it keeps them in good condition.
Yes, when you have an organized garage, it adds more quality to life in your garage during the winter.

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