If your current bedroom closet is cramped for space and your existing bedroom closet design is a simple rod with 1 shelf above, call us to discuss how we can quickly and inexpensively make huge improvements to your bedroom closet organization. Contact us to meet with an experienced custom closet designer (we offer this service at no charge) or visit our showroom to discuss how custom lighting and a few accessories can also make a big difference in your custom bedroom closet. For children’s bedroom closets designs we can incorporate accessories such as baskets for organizing toys and the height of the hanging rods and shelves can be easily and quickly adjusted as your child grows. A well planned bedroom closet system can usually double your available storage space.Your new custom bedroom closet will maximize the storage space of your specific closet dimensions.

If more bedroom storage space is required, you may want to consider under-the-bed bins, or freestanding storage. It will likely feature a row of shelves in the middle to organize your shoes and folded items. We can enhance your bedroom closet organization by building a freestanding wall unit or other built-in storage options. This will also help separate your hanging items in half or in thirds making it easier to find things.

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