More than just a parking spot, our buildings provide an attractiveplace to shelter your vehicles from the elements. Garage plans are less expensive but a basic 24′ x 24′ garage plan will cost around $250 and larger garages can cost as much as $500 to have drawn. Plan Description This Detached Garage Plan features a space for two cars and plenty of room to spare. Having a garage can be regarded as a force, which will ensure your vehicle safe from a variety of disorders. The American Garage Door Company Makes the Highest Quality Garage Doors The American Garage Door Company is the best source of ordering garage doors, parts, and hardware, and anything garage related. Our garage packages will protect your car, lawn and garden equipment, workspace and tools from nature's elements. You can find a wide variety of brands, from national name brands to specialty custom building companies.

While there are many ways of solving this problem, installing cheap cabinets in the garage is always the first and conventional choice.
Whether you need space for one, two, three cars or a boat, we have a garage package that will suit your individual needs. This does not only give you ample stowing space, it also substantially increases the value of your home. Wood garage kits however, are the most common considering the ease with which you can customise them.
You can get Wood Framed Garage Kits guide and view the latest Wood Garage Kits Benefits in here. Choose from a a wide variety of styles and options, or customize a package to fit what you need. There is a growing tendency to make garage spaces serve more than the known customary roles.

A Curtis Lumber Associate will be glad to give you a free estimate on the garage package you desire! This has raised the popularity of the said garages including their accessories such as wood garage door kits. This spacious 24’-0” wide x 24’-0” deep garage is designed with two 9’-0” wide x 8’-0” high garage doors.

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