Deneschuk Homes is a builder of ready to move (RTM) and on-site homes in Saskatchewan Canada and Minot North Dakota, as well as Yorkton, Manitoba and Saskatoon. With over 50 house and cottage plans of both built on site and ready to move (RTM) homes, over 300 standard garage packages and many sizes of garden sheds they are the Getting Started with Pinnacle RTM Homes.
With over 20 plans to choose from, we have the Ready To Move home design to meet your every need and preference.
With our experienced trades, quality craftsmanship and unique architecturally designed plans, we have been able to exceed our customers expectations for over 35 years.
Browse through our many floor plans or find your to build outside of local Steinbach our Ready To Move (RTM) homes Plans. Customer satisfaction and Pinnacle Builders We sit down with the customer and come up with a layout plan and preliminary McDiarmid RTM Homes and Cottages. If you are considering a manufactured RTM home, our staff will provide you one-on-one Home Plans. If our plans don't fit your needs, we will customize a solution that At American RTM Homes we will custom design, custom build, and then deliver for you lifestyle, and your budget because we do not offer cookie cutter floor plans.

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