We understand there is no "one size fits all" solution when you're looking for your new dream garage.
Tired of scraping windows in the winter and just need something to keep your car out of the cold and store a few items during the off-season? If you only need a small garage to park your car, and don't require a lot of storage, a 16x20 garage package may be all you need. Most municipalities require structures exceeding 728 square feet to be built on either an engineered pad or on footings and a foundation.
I received my bonus check this week.A  In years past I've taken that money, hit Best Buy and Circuit City and went nuts on electronics that I didn't need. This year - the check showed up in my bank account and I did nothing.A  For a couple days, I thought about what I should do - run out and get an XBOX 360, some DVDs to add to my collection, some gadgets from Bed Bath and Beyond?A  Well, this morning, I went out and started to "work" on that money. I made a decision that's probably going to affect the remainder of my time here on the planet.
When I would go out in everyday life to places like the supermarket or the electronics store I would approach the workers and other shoppers the same way I would in my store - and a lot of times, I got weird looks and awkward responses. Taking the last couple days off of work and away from it all helped to "wake" up my drive for life. I have time on my drive back home - a little over 2 hours to talk to myself, to sing, to try and stay awake.

Since I've done this a few times prior, I remembered the basics - sanitation, bring to boil, sugar, add yeast and wait.
My sleeping habits have been off, and I've been taking more and more naps if and when I get some time off. You can call it the seasonal-light-ultraviolet dysfunctional bullshit if you like - but I feel like I'm in hibernation mode. 2006 was a strange year, and I hope to write a bit about what happened, why it happened, and what I learned from it.
I'm working on getting network cable run throughout the place so that I can always have either a hardwire or wireless connection to the internet. MTX Blue thunder 500 watt subwoofer, 10 inch, jensen 300 watt amp with built in cross over, sony head unit, factory sized x-plode speakers front and rear.
However, we also know how overwhelming it can seem when you're looking at garage sizes,A garage packages from lumber yards, and all the decisions you need to make before you decide which garage is right for you. Fill out ourA online garage package estimate request form and we'll provide an estimate right away.
It is a good size for two vehicles, but like the 16x20, it doesn't leave you a lot of room for storage. You have ample room for two vehicles and still have room for gardening tools, sporting equipment or even your motorbike!

The 24x30 is only 720 square feet so you get all the benefits of a larger garage package without exceeding that all important threshold of 728 square feet. Contact us today for your customized estimate, or learn more about our standard garage package features here. When you call us we will help you make a decision to find a garage that not only fits your yard, but fits your needs and lifestyle too. The image shown here allows for approximately 8 feet of storage space in front of the parked vehicles.
If you only need to park a single vehicle and do not normally have a lot items you would store in your garage, this might be a perfect garage package for you! We build many sizes, but these three should help you get started in deciding which garage package is right for you.

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