Located in Squamish, BC Canada, InBiz.ca has been helping local businesses in the Sea to Sky Corridor for over 17 years.
An initial no cost design meeting is held with information pertaining to the project site, this is to discuss the many options when first starting the design process. Walking the site, measuring, taking pictures and notes important data needed for the design. Discuss the fee structure which can be broken down in a few ways to meet the clients best situation. A in depth study of municipal by-laws pertaining to the site, set-backs, easements, equestrian areas, floor space ratio (FSR), footprint ratios, heights calculations, limiting distance, spatial separation, grand father clauses, zoning restrictions and land use bylaws.

Preparing preliminary design drawings: including site plan, floor plans, roof plans, site grading, and elevations. Meetings with the clients to review the initial design concepts and refine the preliminary design drawings. Construction package, in some cases the contractor may require additional construction details. Providing consistent branding, design and print products to help increase sales and grow their business. This also gives an idea of what the clients needs, personality traits and priorities of the project are.

This is to work out the potential of the site, orientation, views, parking, driveways, homes adjacent to the site and the architectural style of the homes near by. This is a process and sometimes there is issues the municipality will need clarification upon.
InBiz.ca provides special pricing for new business to help with logo design, business cards, web sites, vehicle graphics, flyers and promotional products.

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