If you are not the do it yourself type, we have a team of builders ready to do the job for you. Are you looking to create a little extra income, but don’t have enough space in your home for a rental suite?
Being in business for over 25 years, our design staff is extremely familiar with Edmonton’s zoning bylaws when it comes to all structures.
These are fully livable spaces which you can use as extra rooms or rent out to earn extra income, all above your new garage.
If you are going to design a garage with loft, here we have a number of photos of garage designs with loft for your inspiration . With all our garage building experience you can count on us to construct the finest garage for you. If you own an RV, motor home, or camper you are certainly well aware of how necessary it is to protect your investment. 051G-0086 If you need sheltered parking for more vehicles than just your RV, this detached RV garage plan is worth considering.
006G-0159 For those who need just a little extra parking and a place to keep their recreational vehicle safe from the elements, this RV garage plan just might fit the bill. 062G-0053 Maybe you own an RV or camper along with a variety of other motorized vehicles that you’d like to protect from the elements. You might also consider this RV garage plans for boat and trailer storage or for installing an auto lift to work are cars. If you’re looking for an RV garage to protect your home away from home when you’re not on the road, there are a variety of designs to choose from. 007G-0008 – This basic RV garage provides just enough room for your RV, motor home or boat. 010G-0017 – For those who need a home base when they aren’t traveling in their RV, this carriage house plan is the solution.
Whether you just need the basics or all of the extras, there is an RV garage plan that is sure to satisfy your needs. If you are looking for garage plans for your RV, we have an extensive collection ranging in size and style, with features to accommodate a broad range of needs.
Need a little or need a lot, our collection of RV Garage plans has something that will work for you. Learn about garage plans, the construction process, the latest trends and other general information about your building project. Check out our selection of one, two and three-car garage plans – many of which include an upper-level loft or Garage Plans with Office Space Home offices are great, but. Order one of our garage plans from this list of several sizes and and four car garages with workshops, apartments, storage lofts and attached porches.
When you need extra storage but lack the acreage for a large storage shed, garage plans with lofts offer the perfect solution.. Adding a workshop or loft space to the garage you plan to build gives a homeowner flexibility to use the loft for a variety of uses such as a home office or storage area..
Whether you’re looking to build a standard garage, or the custom garage of your dreams, our experienced team can handle the job from excavation to a turnkey building.
Our designers and engineers will give you the perfect place to park your car, or crate some space. If you are going to make an investment like this, it’s good to know that the job is being done right — and to code.

When you’re not on the road, it is a good idea to have a safe place to store your home away from home. While some simply offer an RV bay, others offer special extras like a workbench, half or full bath, storage space or workshop area. It offers an RV bay with a vaulted ceiling plus an attached two-car garage with extra work or storage space. If so, maybe you need a place to call “home base” for the times when you are not traveling. While it may have the looks of a barn or a 2-car garage, it has more to offer than meets the eye.
If you are looking for a less expensive way to protect your RV from the elements, you might consider an RV carport plan instead. There are RV garage plans that offer just the basics while others offer a multitude of “extras.” Below is a sampling of garage designs that may accommodate your needs. It offers the basic features such as an extra deep bay, tall ceiling oversized garage door.
Designs like this outbuilding can provide protection from the elements for your motor home or camper as well as other large motorized vehicles such as an oversized pick-up truck, a tractor or other machinery. This RV garage plan offers a double garage bay for everyday automobiles, and it includes a drive-thru feature for the RV bay.
It offers an RV bay for your motor home, a three-car garage for everyday vehicles, and a workshop on the main level.
Basic but attractive, this RV garage plan houses one RV and has space at the back for a workbench and storage closet.
This unassuming plain-Jane four-car garage, with a side order of RV storage, just might replace you. With its drive-thru garage bay, it is ideal for RV or boat storage and eliminates the hassle of backing your RV or boat and trailer out of the garage. Informational summaries and firsthand accounts from experts and consumers provide a better understanding about building a new garage.
Most homes have a garage, but If you have a home office, the extra space would provide you with peace and.
It has a 40 lbs per square foot load rating which is the same as a standard house floor system. It provides plenty of room for your everyday cars as well as space for the family bikes, recycling bins, lawn mower or garden tools.
It is designed to accommodate two RVs, campers or motor homes, or it can be used for extra storage space. If you just need to protect your RV, consider a practical solution such as this simple design. This garage floor plan offers an RV bay with a tall ceiling and oversized door, as well as, plenty of other parking or storage space. This special feature eliminates the hassle of backing your RV in or out of the garage by allowing you to just pull straight through the RV bay.
This RV garage plan has an attached two-car garage, workshop, storage space, half-bath, and a loft that is suitable for a future apartment.
The drive-thru features is convenient and safe while a vaulted 15’ ceiling and oversized garage door easily accommodate your needs. The fact that we operate a state of the art truss plant with extremely experienced designers allows us to customize your package to include endless possibilities.

You have a centre area height of 6’4″ which allows most people to walk down and then place items anywhere you want for storage. These floor plans are specifically designed to protect your investment from the elements and keep it in good condition.
The main floor offers an RV bay giving you a place to store your RV or motor home when you’re not on the road and a two-car garage for your everyday vehicles.
Just imagine one bay for RV storage and the other bay for boat storage or parking a pair of cars tandem style. The main floor offers a 2-car garage on one end and RV garage bay that enters from the other end. Additionally, it incorporates a storage loft, which provides plenty of room for seasonal items and holiday decorations. Imagine turning a part time hobby into a genuine home business because this plan provides space for a big-boy office.
Two enclosed storage spaces provide plenty of room for storing camping and fishing gear as well as tools or lawn and garden supplies. They have room for one to several cars, including RVs, and are complementary to many of our house plans. It is accessed by a top quality insulated attic ladder designed for ease of use and safety. They feature at least one garage bay that is wider, deeper and taller than a typical garage bay so it can accommodate the overall size of a recreational vehicle. The second bay could easily be used for smaller items like a golf cart, ATV, motorcycle and more. This thoughtful floor plan makes it easy for a work-at-home-professional to conduct business from a private space outside the home without leaving the driveway. Skylights provide natural light in the loft to help guide one through 1069 square feet of storage. Don’t miss the open shed area that delivers ample of room for storing large or bulky items that you need to protect from the elements.
Our loft storage trusses allows 8’1” head height at peak which gives you a large volume area for storage. Additionally, the full bath and kitchenette make it easy to convert the space to a guest suite when overnight guests arrive.
With a full bath next to the office, there is no need to take “work” home with you, when it can be washed down the drain. Add value to your property and that much needed storage space with this drive-thru, RV garage plan.
Designed with a simple floor plan, this RV garage is flexible and well-suited for more uses than you might expect!
Here’s you’ll find a carefully designed apartment outfitted with one bedroom, two full baths, a compact kitchen, sitting area, game room and three bunk areas.

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