This is a traditional, detached 2-car garage with stone, board and batton, and siding on the exterior.
This striking carport boasts a stylish hip roof with louvered cupola, decorative support brackets and arched windows with plant shelves. Note: This is a cost estimate based upon average per sq ft construction cost per US Census Bureau data.

Two centrally-located storage rooms each enjoy an access door and single-hung window and provide support, functionality and aesthetics to this design. These lists serve as a general idea of the supplies needed to build the structure, therefore prior to ordering materials for this structure, confirm with your lumber yard for a exact list of materials. It is important to remember that a mirror reversed plan will not only show the layout in reverse but all wording and dimensions will be printed in reverse as well.

These plans show the layout in reverse but the wording and dimensions are readable, unlike mirror reversed plans which show the text backwards.

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