Most conversion works to an existing structure is often more expensive than having it knocked down & rebuilt.
However, where VAT is still applicable even for new build within an existing residential curtilage, the conversion route is often still less expensive.
Peoples desire for additional living space is by far more important than the the requirement to store a motor car or general household storage which is more often the case.
WIth the general superior build quality of most modern day cars the need for undercover parking in order that they start in the morning has now diminished. Off road car parking is till very important but a physical building to store it in overnight in is not. So what are the issues relating to converting an existing garage into habitable room space?
As a guide, a good single garage conversion incorporating these element will be in the order of ?12 to ?20K.
If the converted garage can only be accessed off another room such as the living room or kitchen, they can still perform a useful functioning extra room but they may not have the flexibility of use compared to access form a common circulation area. Another common use is for a ground floor bedroom for an elderly relative or even a son or daughter unable to purchase a property but now requiring some extra space for a baby for example. To emphasis the point further, we have never yet been asked to convert a habitable room into a garage space but we are asked several times a year to complete the opposite. The Elmsdale - 3 or 4 bed townhouse, Old School Court, Heage, DE56 2AZA well designed three bedroomed three storey townhouse with an integral garage with the potential for a fourth bedroom on the ground floor.

The majority of our log cabins are well suited to self build projects by confident DIY'ers and our prices include VAT, FREE delivery* and fitting instructions.
If you would like to use our installation services please contact us to discuss the options you require. The following example drawings are of a proposal for a garage conversion and 2 storey side extension. This can also have the added benefit of retaining the sites character & charm where as a complete new build can often stand out like a sore thumb. Converting a domestic garage (normally integral or attached to the main dwelling) is a growing trend that I cannot see declining in the coming years.
This combined with the relative cheapness of cars makes that valuable garage area look very under used. Well firstly, most garage conversions do not require the benefit of a separate Planning Approval unless there is a condition on the original Planning Approval restricting the garages use. Most of these items are covered within the Building Regulations for which the conversion must comply also to. The most common use is for a study area whether it be for the business dealings of the parent working from home or the children having a dedicated place to study homework outside of their bedroom which is not very desirable. Incorporating the main living area on the first floor, with the main bathroom and three bedrooms on the second floor level, the main bedroom has an en-suite room.The ground floor level includes a separate toilet and a utility room, also a patio room and garage. Providing that the stage of construction of the home chosen is not too far advanced we are always willing to accommodate variations wherever practicable.

There have been numerous examples where extensive extension & conversion work has proved more expensive than rebuilding the scheme a-fresh from the ground up.
Always check with your Local Planning Authority first but in most cases specific Planning Approval should not be required (subject to conditions & Planning criteria). Also, if the loss of a car parking space within the garage means that the property is unable to park at least 2 cars unless your have adequate on road parking available right outside the property.
A dedicated off road car paring space or two in the open is now preferred over garages – Planners also realise that most garages are not used for the storage of cars so they are now doing something about it.
This generously proportioned townhouse will offer very comfortable accommodation and will be economical to run and maintain.THERE IS AN OPTION FOR A FOURTH BEDROOM ON THE GROUND FLOOR, details available from office.
You can also select from our range of kitchens and worktops, wall tiles, fires and fire surrounds.Our PolicyOur policy is one of continuous development of designs and specifications and we reserve the right to improve or change the design and specification accordingly.
A two storey side extension was constructed to provide garage storage and the desired games room.

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