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Well we have, because we are the number one designer of in-law addition apartments nationwide!
In-law additions are entire in-law apartments complete with a Master Bedroom, Master Bath, Living Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen.
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The upstairs layout comes with a generous-sized living room, kitchen and bedroom with a full bath.

Find where you live and plan to remain there for a few years then an addition Plan to update your 1950's home over the coming years.
If you don't use review local building codes to go over How to Design A Master Bathroom Suite. As you can imagine you need a decent amount of square footage to encompass all of these rooms.
On the first floor usually we fit a Kitchen with an adjacent Dining Room, and a Living Room. Upstairs most people choose to have their Master Suite and Master Bath complete with a large walk-in closet that also includes a dressing area.

It's no wonder that we have won awards from the State Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau.

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