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Lovely Kitchen Design For Your Busy Day What kind of kitchen design is installed in your home?
The garage is often used as a catch-all for storing many of the items that dona€™t easily fit in other places in the home or yard.
Garage cabinets come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so it is possible to choose cabinets that perfectly fit your needs.
When cabinets and shelves have been added to the garage, it usually becomes much easier to sort through the items in the garage.
Recently, we did a garage cabinet design and installation for a client and when your a family of six with four small children, you can imagine that shoe clutter can be a little crazy in their household.
Just think about it, considering the dozen or more pairs of shoes and the fact that mom and dad have a few pairs too, having a place for kids to remove and store their shoes can take a load off moms list of to-do's the next time she's rushing out the door with family.
Now of course mom and dad are on the hook for teaching the kids where to put the shoes, but that is the beauty of it all - having a place that can handle all those shoes and in a way that makes sense for the whole family. Now having shoe storage is one thing, but mom wanted all those tiny shoes hidden behind doors so that the garage would retain that unclutered feel! It's often this time of year when homeowners start seeing those glimmer of sun rays beconing springtime to move faster. Following is a link to a great article from Elizabeth Jones, a professional organizer, to help you get your project started today!
I have been laughing at myself lately as clearly the Garage Enhancement industry is continuing to trend toward design and installation of truly unique havens within home and business. But that isn't what has me laughing, actually it is more of a smile - when I talk with clients and potential clients, I simply say, we build Man Caves. The Garage Enhancement industry is starting to mature and more importantly, shows like Man Caves, Garage Mahal and a host of others show off what is possible with spaces that are often unused or under utilized. So it has become, building a Man Cave is what we do and customers really love it and we love building these places and spaces too! As the decorative concrete world expands, so do home improvement options including our Polished Concrete flooring.
Additionally, Polished concrete can utilize stain and polishing options to make your garage, basement or other entertainment space truly unique.
Recently, we posted a gallery on our Facebook site to highlight a commercial job for an auto accessories showroom in Urban Portland. We often think of Spring as the time of year to focus on the Garage, as ita€™s when you start spending more time outside, and many of the things associated with the outdoors - gardening tools, sporting goods and bicycles - get stored in the Garage. There was a great article that made the newspapers this week with some fantastic tips to help you get your garage ready for the seasonal change. Increasingly, we see more customers going for garage lighting upgrades, such as large ceiling overhead replacements or under cabinet lighting. Whether you need a Man Cave (or Women's Club), your garage theme will likely enhance the floor with coating systems or stains, wall treaments and fresh paint, storage systems, such as storeWALL, cabinetry and workbenches.
OK, I'm guilty, It's really fun meeting with clients that are looking for a home for their nice cars, afterall, our business was developed with a goal of helping customers build their dream garage theme. Our latest garage cabinet installation teamed the perfect car and cabinets for a great storage and organization combination for a Mustang enthusiast family. Afterall, today's garage offers something for everyone - whether your a car or motorcycle enthusiast, a hobbiest or simply need more organization in your life, utilizing Redline Garage Gear cabinets puts a great organization system in your garage or other utility spaces in your home.
Redline Garage Gear offers some key features not found in competing products such as our exclusive 10 gauge steel cabinet mounting rails which mount cabinets on the walls and ensure that no cabinet parts are on concrete where moisture can attack.

Although customers love our our cabinetry and floor coating solutions, like many homeowners, they are always striving for the most cost effective options that provide an effective storage system for their garage.
Our partnership with Diamond Storage Concepts, LLC has been great as they manufacture a range of wall and ceiling mounted storage solutions that have been popular with our customers. This project included new Redline Garage Gear storage cabinets, integrated workbench, under cabinet workbench lighting, flourescent upgrades for the main garage lighting, various storage walls, polyaspartic floor coating system and of course a full paint refresh on walls and ceiling.
We like to think the Porsche Carerra 4 lives a much happier existence and of course our client is much happier knowing his Carerra has a new home.
Whether your mudroom is inside your house or in the garage, the idea is the same – you want to have a dumping ground as your family enters the house.
By creating such a mudroom, your house doesn’t look like it has exploded when family members come home. They key to any good storage solution is to purge, sort and — what I am trying to do more of — take advantage of vertical space in every room! So….if backpacks are in the mudroom (or garage entrance, whichever you have) where do you keep school papers?
If you could build a new mudroom, that would also be a laundry room, how big would you make it? I was going to try to add a mudroom to my laundry room and then got new HE washer and dryers and they ended up taking up a HUGE portion of the room.
One of the biggest problems when trying to decorate your home is seeing through the clutter to the bones of your rooms. Also from Family Handyman, follow this tutorial on how to create recycle bin hangers, and get those all important bins off the floor and out of the way! Use inexpensive Glad storage cups, some glue and some magnetic strips to create this magnetic mini storage.
Closet storage, tools, lawn maintenance equipment, and even car parts may end up in the garage. Cabinets can help you to keep all lawn maintenance equipment behind closed doors and out of sight, or organize your tools like a professional. Since shelves are open and show their contents, the garage may still look cluttered and unsightly if the wrong items are placed on shelves. It is important to be selective in what you choose to keep: if it has been in the garage for a full year and you havena€™t used it, you should most likely get rid of it.
If youa€™re in the Central Florida area and looking to prevent garage overflow by organizing inside your home first, Orlando custom closets may be a great option. Even before considering what sort of system may be best for you, ita€™s a great idea to sort and purge whata€™s in there - no sense in organizing something you dona€™t need to keep - and sorting and grouping your things will make it that much easier to plan your next step.
Getting everything outside where you have more room to work will make it that much easier to determine what you have and what to do with it. With your space mostly clear for the time being, now is the time to paint, fix the floor, lights, etc. Getting as much as possible off the floor and onto shelves, wall systems, in cabinets, etc, will give you that much more free space.
If youa€™re putting everything in boxes, or behind doors, wouldna€™t it be great to know where you put that hammer when you need it? In fact, I would have to give the nod to their products which are sold under the Hyloft brand. It takes a little training to get everyone to put things on hooks or in the shoe or athletic storage, but it is worth the effort!
My front door opens directly into the stairs; to the right is a TINY, SHORT hallway leading to the garage door.

Ours is probably going to be 12×20 and we will have an extra freeze in it too, what do you think? You can have them side-by-side, but at least make the laundry room separate (with pocket doors would be nice). We most use our garage entrance that is off the mudroom, but DS uses the front door when he comes home from school. Without eliminating the clutter, you will never get a good picture of what the positives and negatives are, and therefore be able to come up with a good decorating plan. Use pie tins cut in half to safely store those circular items you need… This might also be good inside cupboard doors to store tupperware lids! No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project. With all of this clutter taking up space, the garage often becomes an eye sore that is not used for anything constructive.
Cabinets can also be a great home for shoes if your garage is attached to your home (especially in places with messy winters.) Cabinetry may also sit flush underneath a workbench or help to create a workspace. Using shelves to store things like tackle boxes, boxed tool sets, paint cans, and other neatly contained items can help to clear the clutter from the floor, improve organization, and keep the garage looking tidy.
Keeping a large trash bin nearby when going through the garage can make it easier for you to get rid of items that you might otherwise second guess. Toys, clothes, holiday decorations, and cleaning supplies may be better suited to indoor closets where they will be used more often.
Using the Hyloft system, we have been able to install a substantial storage platform at a very reasonable price for our customers.
Beverly is a Professional Organizer in Ohio and you might even remember her from the review I did not too long ago of her fabulous organizing mini books. Every few days, have a shoe exchange where everyone picks up an armload of their shoes and takes them to their closets.
I feel like I am constantly going from the foyer to the mudroom to retreive shoes and backpacks! Adding cabinetry and shelving-and getting unnecessary items out-can help you kick clutter to the curb and transform your garage into a beautiful, workable space. A rug from the bench or chair to the door is a nice touch, if your mudroom is in your garage.
When we get ours done i will send you a picture, complete with boots, spurs and coveralls :) . If the members of your family are slipper wearers, they could keep them in the mudroom and slip into them after removing their shoes. The tin pivots out from beneath work surfaces to organize and serve up any little doodad you frequently use. But we don’t just want to move the clutter from one place to another cluttered place, that never helps.
Developing budget garage storage ideas can help you eliminate the clutter from inside, while keeping it all orderly out in the garage.

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