However, with proper planning, design and execution, a new living space can begin to be developed starting with the garage floor. Our garage apartment floor plans range in size and layout, and typically feature a kitchen area, a living space and one or more bedrooms.. The study SHED Architecture & Design has converted this garage into a mini-apartment, like a studio, contemporary-looking and very easy,.
You need more space in your home, but don't have the budget to add on and moving is out of the question - so what do you do? Generally located next to a home, a garage is far less expensive than building an addition. With right design, you can convert your garage into a multifunctional room, to accommodate various needs and functions. ABOVE: Before and After - In this economy, spacious living quarters that are also affordable can be hard to come by.
Although the basic structure is already in place, you still need to take into plan for amenities and layout, as most garages are very basic. If you're going to be remodelling the garage for additional living space, or as an extra room, you don't necessarily need to plan for amenities such as a bathroom or kitchen space, but these need to be allowed for when looking at converting a garage into a separate living facility.
An electrician will need to be called in to wire for additional lighting and electrical outlets, especially where appliances will be introduced into the space. It's important to take into consideration that if you are planning to rent out the space, the occupants will require the convenience of having all the necessary amenities at hand.
ABOVE: Converting a double garage into a flatlet, either for a relative, or for renting out, is an investments that brings its own rewards.
ABOVE: A garage can become the children's play room when stocked with children's toys and games. Having a separate playroom for young children discourages clutter in bedrooms and will keep toys from being strewn all over the house.
A garage can be converted to a home gym to accommodate a treadmill, stationary bike, weights and other fitness equipment.

A garage conversion could give you extra space for either a study, games room, dining room, office or even an on suit bedroom for yourself or an elderly relative. Converting a garage into additional living space is hugely popular throughout the UK at the moment, with more people valuing extra living space over storage.
With my architect we can design and build your garage conversion to completion with one phone call hastle free .. Testimonials lounge renovation & fibreglass roof We have used quality brickwork twice now for work on our home.
Testimonials Restoration & Modernasition I recently purchased an old terraced house in need of restoration and modernisation. One of the most expensive purchases we make, other than a home, is the purchase of an automobile.
Come see our collection of floorplans for garages with living space and get in on the action!. Unique features of Garage Plans and Garage Apartment Plans: Separate building for garage and living space.
When used for parking cars a garage is obviously in need, but when stacked to the roof with junk that should have been given away or tossed out, it's an investment going to waste.
You can use your garage for an office, a workshop, a studio, a playroom, a home office, and even a club or amusement space. Many individuals have decided to use their garage space as an additional room by transforming it into a living space.
Now a stunning kitchen with plenty of space to move around in - and the garage door remains, albeit fitted with glass panels.
The number of necessary lines will also depend greatly on what additional appliances that use water will be installed. However, tackling this as a do-it-yourself project is fairly simple if you plan to use the existing space for the garage door.
A playroom of their own also allows children to have fun anytime, even when the weather or other factors prevent outdoor activities.

Reconfiguring the design of the garage may not be necessary, and flooring could be left as is, or covered with a suitable flooring material.
Most people keep their cars outside, and find that the prices of garage conversions mean they are one of the cheapest ways to extend a property.
Quoted, managed and built by Noel using only quality materials from kingspan insulation for your walls floor and ceiling to energy saving upvc windows with insulated glass. We know just how critical it is to have an organized garage thus allowing space to safely park our automobiles out of the weather. Often called “carriage houses,” garage apartments are becoming more popular and serve many functions. The next time you drive up to your garage, think about how great it would look transformed into a new family room, master suite or living room - or even as a separate living space for renting out.
If you do not have space for storage and the garage is the only place to store items - consider adding a small shed to your garden.
You can benefit from an attached garage because it already has the necessary wires, heating, cooling, and plumbing nearby. This additional space can be completely redesigned to become usable living space or even a separate living area for another resident. And we know that here in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida the weather is not so nice to our cars. Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Garage Storage Ideas Ceiling Garage Storage Bicycle Storage Bag Bicycle Storage Hook Space Saving Solutions Overhead Storage Garage Garage Bike Storage Ideas Bike Rack Home Bike Stand Rack Wall Mount Bike Racks Organize Your GarageJoin the discussion on this Garage Storage Ideas Ceiling Garage Storage Bicycle Storage Bag Bicycle Storage Hook Space Saving Solutions Overhead Storage Garage Garage Bike Storage Ideas Bike Rack Home Bike Stand Rack Wall Mount Bike Racks Organize Your Garage using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. It is just a matter of making some adjustments that will not be too costly compared to adding an extra room. With some initial investment in materials and a bit of imagination, there is no limit to how one can transform a garage and make an improvement on the existing home.

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