Here we find examples of quality, American made garage storage cabinets by GSC. Cabinets by GSC are simple yet elegant, providing some of the most aesthetically pleasing storage solutions. Your garage is home to a lot of stuff, from Christmas decorations and tools to all those pool and beach toys. Constructed of natural wood, all GSC cabinets are sturdy, stylish and built to last. Available in a variety of depths and modules, GSC cabinets can be purchased in several different finishes including Natural Wood, White, Almond, Folkstone Gray, Light Maple, or Dark Woodgrain. We have these completely filled cabinets so our mess continues to built up outside of them.

The list of things the average Coachella Valley family stores in their garage is virtually endless. At Affordable Storage we help you make sense of the clutter by providing California garage cabinet, storage, workbenches and organization solutions.
Make the garage another room in your house by getting organized with tool boxes, shelving, and workbenches. Check out the images below for ideas and when you’re ready visit the GSC section of our store to purchase any of the modules you see here.

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