I glad it's too far, now I don't have to explain to my wife where all the cabinets and work benches in the garage came from. The drawers can be used in the storage wall framing or in any Lista mid-width cabinet housing. Now I need to figure out how the software works so I can start printing up my labels for the drawers and dividers. Their in^2 and lb storage capacity for the amount of in^2 floor space they take up is unsurpassed. I look every day on CL here in the bay area for one at a low price, needless to say, I have been unsuccessful. Price is painful, especially in a metro area; in NYC your paying top dollar, no deals even at auctions.

Sure, i'm really a 55 year old man in my basement pretending too be a hot 20 year old girl. Not exactly, I like the cabinets for the storage, the strength is a plus, but id be content with something cheaper with the same quality as my HF chest.. I wanted something excellent, and needed something tall (lots of drawers, not a lot of footprint).
Thank you all for your great comments on the strength and reliability of Lista, and Vidmar, cabinets and workbenches!
After careful hunting and some luck on CL and eBay I found one Vidmar, one Lista, and two Equipto cabinets that blew my mind.
I used to look at Snap-On and other truck brand boxes that sell for thousands USED and drool hopelessly.

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