Organize cluttered spaces in the garage and keep contents securely stored with the Wall-Mounted Garage Cabinet. Safely store cleaning supplies, paint cans, and other garage essentials with a Wall Mounted Utility Garage Cabinet. Flip up front door hides away garage clutter and keeps chemicals safely away from children. Durable resin construction ensures this cabinet will provide years of reliable, maintenance free performance. Great for storage of small tools and parts, paint cans, motor oil, and other common garage essentials. Submit Your Design When you have a home interior project and you want it to be shown in this website, please do not hesitate to tell us. Garage cabinets are an ideal solution for people who don’t want everything they own on display.
As you weigh your cabinet options, the most important consideration is the material used to manufacture it and the strength it offers the garage cabinet to store heavy items. Given that space is almost always at a premium when organizing a garage, naturally we aim to use every inch of available space. Onex steel cabinets come in 21 powder coated colours while Ctech cabinets offer 9 powder coated colours.

We recommend a few brands of garage cabinets including Hercke (good), Onex (better) and Ctech (best). Rick built a workshop for my husband, I wanted to surprise him with a space to have his tools all organized. We are very impressed with the outcome of our well organized and clean garage now that Nuvo Garage and Rick have completed the job both on time and on budget. We found Rick to be both helpful and knowledgeable in design decisions and formulating an efficient plan for our garage space.
Our 100% satisfaction and willingness to further use Rick’s services are the highest marking for this skillful tradesman.
As well, they offer safety for small children or pets as cabinets protect them from having access to things like sharp tools and toxic chemicals. The materials used will affect how secure the cabinet and how much weight it can bear on its shelves and in the drawers.
To do this, cabinets that are custom fit specifically to the space in your garage means that you can maximize the use of garage storage area within the space, as opposed to using pre-fabricated sized garage cabinets which may under use the potential storage space available. Any of these cabinet choices are sturdy, look great, are resistant to animals, won’t rust and are easy to clean and maintain. This is important because garages have sloped floors for proper drainage but cabinets need to be level and square (or plum) to work properly so adjustable legs are the key to level cabinets which will stay safely upright even after they have been filled with heavier storage items.

Here is a chart outlining the various cabinet features and how they compare with each other. I can park in the garage now, which is really nice after the nasty winter we’ve been through. He has converted freshly built, relatively usable, three car parking garage into the high capacity, clean, versatile storage and two car & boat facility.
Rick gave us a number of ideas that we had not considered and that worked well for our garage.
Rick transformed it within a week into a pleasant, well-lit and insulated space with attractive storage and quality finishes. You can gather Black And Orange Color Designs Garage Cabinets Shelves Ceiling Racks Wall Storage Systems Ideas guide and read the latest Decorative Garage Cabinets are Convenient in here. While probably less expensive, the price tag often reflects their respective strength and flexibility. Storage of things are now where they should be and we can fit 2 cars in the garage which is fabulous particularly in the winter.

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