When you solve your home storage and garage organization with storeWALL, you can be confident that your solution can add real value to your home. L-Shape Slots are more attractive and are designed to accept most standard wall accessories. The Heavy Duty panels are designed for various applications, to satisfy your tastes and needs, and are available in all 5 classic storeWALL colors in an exclusive matte finish. The L slot shape will not collect water or dust so there is no support for mildew - mildew proof.
StoreWALL slatwall wall paneling is an attractive, solid core, closed cell polymer extrusion.
StoreWALL slatwall wall panels are the ideal design solution for any storage, organization or display problem. StoreWALL slatwall wall panels can be mounted to a wall as a temporary, changeable or permanent installation. StoreWALL slatwall is an extremely durable, solid core material that will keep looking good for years. An individual storeWALL slatwall wall panel is 15" high and available in 4 foot and 8 foot lengths. The Standard Duty panel comes in our most popular colors: Satin-Finished Weathered Grey, Brite White, and Dover White.

Our craftsmen create the wood grain panels - they are like Mother Nature in a high tech factory. The engineered panel is a polyvinyl that is resistant to sunlight, is static resistant and flame resistant. StoreWALL slatwall can be installed over existing walls, on concrete block or bare studs in new construction. StoreWALL slatwall comes clean with a damp cloth and can be washed using any commercially available cleaner.
StoreWALL slatwall wall panels are completely recyclable and environmentally friendly. The Standard Duty panels allow for quick installation with the screw straight through the panel and wall stud technique. The storeWALL tongue and groove design adds strength and is hidden, no joint feature, creates a high quality installation. It can be disinfected with household bleach (great for laboratory and medical applications). To avoid all this screwing around, use the flexibility of the storeWALL slatwall InstallStrip system which makes creating seasonal display, moving exhibits or changing background colors a quick, simple, one person operation. The storeWALL Heavy Duty home storage panel system was designed and engineered to be the finest, most versatile home storage and organization product on the market.

StoreWALL slatwall can be adapted to existing panel systems for offices or wall systems for modular construction.
The high strength storeWALL vinyl garage storage panels are waterproof, durable and versatile. Stubborn blemishes or discolorations can be sanded, steel wooled or polished to match the rest of the panel. When you create with storeWALL, you can be confident that your garage will add value to your home. The high strength storeWALL extruded vinyl home organization storage panels are waterproof, durable and versatile. When you create your new garage with storeWALL garage organization panels, you can be confident that your design will add value to your home.

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