En attendant l'apport d'un correctif concernant le bug faisant disparaitre nos vehicules des garages, Rockstar nous propose diverses solutions pour contourner ce probleme plutot perturbant. Nvidia livre une nouvelle version de ses pilotes graphiques GeForce pour accompagner la sortie de Grand Theft Auto V sur plate-forme PC. Nous ne fournirons pas d'aide en cas de demande d'un crack, serial, cd-key ou d'un no-cd, et ne fournissons pas de jeux video pirates, crackes ou warez. The makers of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) have warned players about parking cars in garages in the game until a bug can be fixed. The stratum doesn't drift because it's slow as sh*t and has a very prominent 4WD unfortunately. This thread is kinda pointless, considering there isn't a way to classify drifting from power sliding or spinning out in GTA.

I noticed most people on the forum hate chrome, but i used it tastefully and think it looks good, any thoughts? Finally after a few days of missions and more missions and races I have the car I've been waiting for. Some of my other rides include a stunning Declasse Tornado (hardtop), a sexy midnight blue Overflod Entity XF, and my crew vehicle: Declasse Granger Sheriff SUV, complete with all of the bells, whistles, lights, and sirens. I read the title as "show pics of your drift cars" So whether or not you think you can drift in gta (I have great fun drifting. Oh, and the old "nuh uh you can't drift in gtav!!1!"if it was really drifting, you'd be scored by a panel of judges. I know it isn't the best, but on those long races where I would pick the Adder, since its turning abilities are a bit more untamed than some of the other supers, the best line I can find on those two or three sharper turns sometimes involves some form of drifting.

Seems like you're one of those guys that goes around to all the threads about drifting saying errrrrrrrr you cant drift in gta!
If you order a Ruffian online or in single player, for some reason it comes with dual headlights with no fairing. You can't add the fairing or single headlight at Los Santos Customs, making this beast super rare.

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