City Garden Building is located at 59 Ngo Tat To street, Ward 21, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Ideally positioned within 5 minutes from the City’s business center, cafes, restaurants and fashion retailers, City Garden is nestled away from the bustle of the city, whilst offering the excitement of an inner-city lifestyle. With stunning apartments combining contemporary architecture and integrated landscaping, City Garden is destined to become a landmark project in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
From the gateway of City Garden, you will be greeted by a tranquil sense of arrival with a picturesque landscaped driveway leading up to the residential towers. City Garden living options comprises of spacious one bedroom apartments that are perfect for the progressive professionals, whilst the two & three bedroom apartments are ideal for young and growing families. For those who appreciate the finer things in life, the exclusive duplex penthouse apartment is the pinnacle of living. Each stunning apartment is designed with open plan living spaces and embraces a unique blend of functionality and style that is distinctive to City Garden.
City Garden interior are a combination of contemporary modern colour palettes and simple functional layouts that reflect an extension of the building’s distinctive exterior architecture. Exploring the interplay between light, texture, and tone - the interiors were meticulously selected to complement your personalized home decoration. All the tools have been installed: microwave, refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, kettle, range hood, gas stove, pan, pot, glass, bowl, dish, etc. The large dining area offers seating for six as well as a breakfast bar with seating for four. In addition, the bedroom is equipped with wardrobe, curtains, television, air conditioning, relax sofa and some painting on the wall.
The bathroom is no longer a stay only water to become one of the favorite places for relaxation, leisure and personal care. City Garden offers all amenities for daily necessities such as mini marts, restaurant, health centers and kindergartens in addition to swimming pool, health club, and club house for community activities. As the name suggests, City Garden uniquely dedicates 70% of the 2.3 hectare property to architecturally designed green space. The luxuriant presence of green, the harmony of flowers and water features welcome you home - there is no other address in the city that can boast such abundance of active and passive green space for residents and friends to appreciate. Belt Collins, international landscape architects, uses tropical plants to create the scenic beauty and character that integrates harmoniously with the residential towers - a modern oasis so close to the city.
In the modern world we live busier lifestyles, we are time poor, so we make the most of our time – we desire the conveniences of life. Ideally positioned within 5 minutes from the City’s business center, cafes, restaurants and fashion retailers, City Garden is nestled away from the bustle of the city, whilst offering the excitement of the inner-city lifestyle. And best of all, traveling to and from City Garden is not prone to traffic jams or flooding. City Garden is the first inner-city gated community providing you and your family a safe and secure living environment.

City Garden creates the ideal social environment to meet your neighbours, make new friends, whilst your kids play with other children in the open-air playgrounds. Whether you want to unwind, exercise, enjoy a picnic or bbq, or take the kids for a swing- It’s all at your doorstep.
Whether youa€™re buying a new home, on the hunt for a commercial property or want expert, tailored advice in the Welwyn Garden City area, Right Surveyors Welwyn Garden City are here for you.
The right survey by a qualified Chartered Surveyor can help you make that final decision on a property and can even drive down the purchase price, should there be defects in the property.
If youa€™re interested in a service that is not listed above, please contact us - our Chartered Surveyors may well be able to help. With building surveys to suit every property and budget and our dedicated teama€™s extensive knowledge of Welwyn Garden City, we can provide comprehensive, quality advice you can trust. Right next to the Brooklyn bridge, at 60 Water Street in Dumbo neighbourhood, stands an amazing 17-storey apartment building. This Two Trees’ rental building is designed by Ismael Levya and Leeser Architects and the rooftop by James Corner Field Operations. The building offers a full suite of amenities like a gym, garage, a bike room and a 24-hours support staff.
A luxury garden floor apartment for sale in Cannes located in a famous period style building with vast terrace and garden area only 5 minutes stroll to the beach.
This wonderful apartment, in perfect condition, offers 170 m2 of living area with beautiful wooded garden of 500 m2.
By paying the reservation deposit, you accept the conditions on the website and agree to abide by them. A good traditional French breakfast will be served and shared, on a beautiful table nicely prepared. At your disposition, only for you, the privet 1 bathroom with a large bath ( see pictures ) and privet 1 WC independent. You will be welcomed in the cozy atmosphere of this beautiful typical Parisian apartment, with fireplace, in the center of Paris, opening on a quiet tree-lined courtyard. Designed around a group of elliptical towers ranging from 21-30 stories, City Garden Towers boasts possessing one the largest green areas in the city.
The design integrates 17,500m2 of garden areas with the built form creating the living and social connectivity throughout the development.
The design achieves good passive solar orientation, maximizing views, sun shading and integration of landscaping.
Thus this allows you to relax in the living room sofa in the position more like, reading, listen to music or watch TV.
It is also a space where to rest, study, listen to music, watch TV, meets with close friends, you makes up over and over again in front of your mirror and especially dreams.
Our local Director and building surveyor Teresa Scannell MRICS offers the best building surveys and advice personalised to you, the property and the local Welwyn Garden City area.

We will help guide you all the way through your property purchase, getting to know you and the property on an individual level. What’s different about it is the eco-friendly approach incorporated into the design- a stunning 6,000 square foot roof garden. The garden is full of diverse plants and walkways, with a view across the East River and lower Manhattan.
There are a lot of cosy wooden chairs and tables, perfect for hanging out, or enjoying a romantic dinner. There are 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments, each one with floor-to-ceiling windows, oak floors and quartz countertops. Living room is furnished with LCD TV with  a variety of local and international programs on different channels, DVD player and speaker. The red and white as the main color in this living room where it has been used in walls and the main sofa, curtain and small details in the rest of the decor.
The mirrored pavilion is placed in one corner, and it highlights some of the most important visible landmarks, like the well-known Brooklyn bridge. This is a big misconception.The role of an interior designer is complex and challenging, which makes it terribly difficult to find a good one. He will be a member both of the architecture and construction team, providing or receiving advice for the sake of your project. Share Tweet Share Pin Image source: Stonewood, LLCMost of the time, there will be no risk of making a wrong choice.
Share Tweet Share Pin Image source: Becki PeckhamIf your building is already constructed and structured, you would need an interior designer to help you furnish it. Building a home from scratch, on the other hand, would certainly demand an experienced architect. As we suggested above, the best idea is to hire both of them.The scenarios we mentioned, however, are generalized and clear-cut situations. What would happen with interior remodeling or rebuilding?Both cases require a serious change of structure, which immediately implies hiring an architect and an interior designer. The architect would be in charge of planning a new structure, while the designer would aesthetically adjust that structure to your needs.Sometimes, the designer will have such skills and experience that he will become a part of the remodeling team, providing lots of good and creative tips.Who comes first? Share Tweet Share Pin Image source: Lauren Nicole DesignsThe one who is always hired first is your constructor.
Architects and designers are there to ensure that your vision will be efficiently executed.

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