Studio Seilern Architects turned a challenge into an opportunity when they designed the Whitehorse Street Apartments for an urban infill lot in London. As most of the building sits away from the street and is surrounded by other buildings, the site offered no natural views. Each apartment will have views of the interior garden space, access to natural ventilation as well as ample daylighting. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Whether you like to grow your own herbs, entertain guests or just need a little fresh air once in a while, think of your patio as a blank canvas that can be easily transformed into a personal paradise.
Lighting is commonly overlooked, but it can drastically change how a space looks and feels. The key to picking out the rest of the decor for your patio is to find pieces that can withstand potentially harsh weather conditions. There are a variety of plants that would complement a small patio without making the space feel cramped or too wild. Sarah Sosa is a recent graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism where she focused on creating multimedia content. It took a total of 7 years to obtain the necessary properties and access rights to be able to build the apartment. Welcome to Inhabitat, your online guide to the best green design ideas, innovations and inspiration to build a cleaner, brighter, and better future.
Facebook Discussions on Garden Garden Minimalist Tritmonk Home Exterior Design Idea For Modern Contemporary Architecture Greenroofs Gardening RoofgardensJoin the discussion on this Garden Garden Minimalist Tritmonk Home Exterior Design Idea For Modern Contemporary Architecture Greenroofs Gardening Roofgardens using your faceb??k account below. Located on Whitehorse Street in the prestigious Mayfair district, the lot only has a small street frontage with the bulk of the available building space located on an inner site. Since the apartment complex is located in a very desirable part of town, the developers wanted to do everything possible to make these luxurious and highly coveted apartments with great views.

The vertical garden cuts the complex in two, and windows and balconies of the apartment will be covered in vegetation.
By focusing on four main aspects: furniture, lighting, decor and garden, you can easily turn your patio into the small, quaint escape of your dreams. This will take up the largest amount of your precious patio space, so pick out a couple of simple, yet bright pieces to build the rest of your decor around.
Twinkling strands of lights are cheap, and can be wrapped around guardrails or hung above doorframes for a quick, festive look. An eye-catching striped rug ties the rest of the pieces together and gives the space a warm, homey feel. Look for plants that will add a lot of color and interest without taking up too much space. She has worked for multiple news outlets, including two NBC stations, a newspaper and a multi-source news app.
After shoring up the building’s structure to be able to handle the new load, a steel and glass two-story apartment was built on top. In order to make the apartments desirable, Studio Seilern decided to create their own views, by putting a garden on the entire first floor and splitting the complex in two to create room for a beautiful set of vertical gardens. Residents access the new apartment complex from the street and immediately enter into a light-filled garden. The key to picking out the perfect patio furniture is to choose something that can serve multiple purposes. Candles of different sizes within the color palette you selected are another cheap way to give off a romantic, intimate vibe. Sarah enjoys hiking, going to concerts and attempting DIY projects in her own quest for the perfectly decorated apartment. The new development will include high-end residential apartments, an apartment hotel, an underground parking garage and some retail.

A sophisticated glazing system will include three layers of windows to provide natural lighting, but maintain privacy across the open space.
For example, a cushioned bench with a lifting seat provides both a spot to curl up as well as an extra storage space underneath the cushions. If you have more time to invest, consider installing outdoor lighting fixtures on the walls. They range from $25 to $300, and look more polished and provide more light than the strands do. Bronze is your best bet for a table that will resist wear and tear while also matching nearly any color scheme. If gardening is not your thing, you can still enjoy a bit of nature’s beauty by choosing plants that require less time and care, such as small cacti, or salvia, a perennial that is known for its incredible ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Small fountains, wind chimes and weathervanes are only the beginning when it comes to outdoor decoration.
The most important thing to remember when choosing plants is to find ones that fit well with the temperature and sun exposure levels of your patio. The importance lies in making sure you choose items that are weather-resistant, sun-resistant and not too big. Try focusing on one larger statement-making piece rather than cluttering the patio with many small trinkets.

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