Welcome to The Home Office Company, specialists in the building and design of garden office buildings in Oxfordshire, Essex and Buckinghamshire. Our state of the art garden buildings all feature self-cleaning glass, 40mm-thick wall and ceiling panels with plastisol coating, sound proofing, mains power sockets and lighting and outstanding insulation. Oak garden rooms are a great way of achieving more space in your home, whilst adding character and beauty. Typically oak framed garden rooms are glazed as much as possible allowing extra light and the feeling of bringing the outside in.

If you are considering an oak garden room please do get in touch and discuss it with one of our team. We build the highest quality modular garden buildings that will meet your office needs.Our buildings are 100% UK made in our premises and then assembled in your garden by one of our experienced team.
Whether you need garden buildings for work purposes or for other reasons, like a home gym, summer house or garden room, we can help.If you need TV and phone sockets or internet connections in your garden office, let us know.
Intentionally unobtrusive, your garden room will blend seamlessly into its surroundings.We can also help with the interior styling of your garden office buildings.

Oak garden rooms provide great ways of extending kitchens, lounges or simply providing a separate area for reading and entertaining. If you are looking for a company which can provide the garden office that will suit your requirements in Oxfordshire, Essex and Buckinghamshire, The Home Office Company is the firm that you need.

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